OMPA 2018

Aug 3, 2018 (03:30 PM) - Aug 5, 2018 (06:00 PM)
July 22, 2018
May 5, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
Swim Team




All volunteer jobs for OMPA have been assigned and can be found  here.  Some families have more than one OMPA job. Please check the 2nd tab for an alphabetical list to make sure you're clear on your jobs. The fine for not showing up is $200.


Please allow time to park and shuttle to your job. Check in locations are outlined below.

  • Parking: we will send a map to all parking volunteers to indicate where you will be stationed. OMPA staff will be there to sign you in and provide directions.
  • Clerk of Course (COC): located in between meet pool and warm up pool. Check in with Jackie Motto.
  • Timers/recorders/marshals/S&T: check in with a meet director at the computer table located across from the awards display
  • Food Table: sign in at the food table in the SH team tent


All families are required to bring an assigned food item to the team area on either Saturday or Sunday for the swimmers to enjoy throughout the meet. Please refer to the volunteer list for this information. For those assigned to bring chocolate milk, these are the small, single serve chocolate milks. Please DO NOT bring large containers of chocolate milk. Please refrigerate the milk prior to the meet so our swimmers can enjoy it cold! If you've been assigned hard boiled eggs, these can be purchased w/out shells (this is preferred).


Sub Information:  For those that have emailed me sub information, it is reflected on the jobs list. I f you are using a sub (for "sub-able" positions only) and have not emailed me your subs' name AND contact information, please complete this form asap . The sub fee for OMPA is $75 and should be paid directly to your sub.


You are responsible for sharing all information with your sub. Please make sure they know their assignment and time commitment, understand that they need to allow enough time for parking/shuttle, and have cell numbers for Nicole Sanders in case there are any questions.

Nicole Sanders:  415-307-0720


Anyone who does not show up for their shift will be fined $200.  Please make sure your subs are aware of shift times, locations and check-in policies.


Thank you in advance for arriving to your assigned job on time!

Link to Job and Food Assignment is here.





4:00pm  - Warm-up for IM Swimmers Only

Swimmers participating in the IM events Friday evening should be at the Soda Aquatic Center by 3:50pm for warm-ups. 

The meet will begin at 5:00 pm.


SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 - Free, Breast & Medley Relay

7:00am – Spirit Caravan

Have your Legend Pride sporting car join our spirit caravan to the Soda Aquatic Center! The spirit caravan leaves from Sleepy Hollow promptly at 7:10am SHARP.

8:00am – Warm-up and Team Meeting at the Soda Aquatic Center

If you can’t join the spirit caravan be sure to meet us in the team set up area at the Soda Aquatic Center by 7:50am on Saturday.

For swimmers not warming up please be there at 8:00am for the Team Meeting.

Please see the forms section for more information about parking and a map of where our team area will be this year (softball field – same place as last year).

The meet will begin at 9:00 am.


SUNDAY, AUGUST 5 - Back, Fly & Free Relay

7:40am - Warm-up and Team Meeting at the Soda Aquatic Center

The warm up is for 9 and up swimmers and is optional for 8 and under swimmers.

For swimmers not warming up please be there at 8:15am for the Team Meeting.

The meet will begin at 9:00 am.