Border Champs (Armijo Pool)

February 23, 2018 - February 25, 2018
February 16, 2018
February 23, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


This is Border Swimming's local End-of Season Champs meet.  It is also the last chance for TAGS times.  It will be a prelim/final format following championship rules. 

This means, if you make finals and do not return for finals and do not scratch within the designated time, you will be removed from the remainder of the meet.  

EPAP will have some hosting responsibilities.  As soon as we know what those are, we will get them posted. 

Here is what we know from Border Swimming:

Entries for Border Champs are due by Thursday, February 15th by 10:00PM
No Deck Entries including relays.  For timeline planning we need all relays to be pre-entered.
Qualifying time standards for 12 & Unders have been updated from last year.  They are still based on the 16th fastest time from the last two year's Border Champs meets.  Some of them have gotten faster, they are indicated by asterisks (*).  However, none are faster than BB-time.  The times are color coded.  Times in blue are slower than B-time, times in red are faster than the minimum B-time but still within B as indicated.
All Individual Event entries must have a verifiable time within the USA Swimming SWIMS database.  They will be checked against SWIMS.  Non-proven times and No Time (NT) entries will automatically be rejected.
This will be an AM Prelims / PM Finals meet on Saturday and Sunday with a Timed Finals session Friday PM.  The top seven (7) qualifiers in each age group will come back to swim in the A-Final for each event.
USA Swimming Championship scratch rules will be followed.  For the Finals qualifiers only, failure to declare intent to scratch for finals and missing the finals event will result in swimmer being removed from the rest of the meet.
DSSC will be hosting and organizing this year's Border Champs meet.