Senior Sectionals-We need your help!

Sep 18, 2017 - Mar 9, 2018
September 18, 2017
January 7, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


As you heard during the Kick Off Picnic, March 15-18 we are hosting our largest meet yet, the Speedo Senior Sectionals at King County Aquatics Center.  Next to Swim A Thon, it will be our largest single fundraiser we have ever done.   Senior Sections is the Western Zone Meet including teams from Alaska, Hawaii, Inland Empire, Montana, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Snake River, and Wyoming.  We expect 100 teams, with over 1000 athletes and some very fast swimming! 

We are co-hosting this meet with Mt Hood, who is very experienced in running a Sectionals Meet.  They will shadow us on almost all lead positions so that you will have a key resource (in addition to me) for questions and to help with the workload.  
I would love to have you on the Sr Sectional team, helping lead any of the following areas-
Clerk of Course Lead-Work with the Admin Ref and run the clerk of course table.  Be familiar with meet paperwork (scratches, deck entries, time trials).  Ensure we have supplies and paperwork ready for the meet. Prepare coaches and officials packets (week prior).
Awards Lead-Order awards for the meet (late Winter), inventory and deliver to meet.  Organize awards process for during finals of each night, including recruiting volunteers.
Ready Room Lead-Plan the ready room for finals, including what should be in the room for the athletes.  Recruit volunteers for night of duties, come up with plan for basket kids.
Hospitality Planning-Assist Jan F with planning for hospitality.  Includes menu planning, shopping the week of and soliciting in kind donations.
Volunteer Lead (work closely with Laurie).  Actively recruit volunteers for meet including coming up with recruitment ideas to get team down to KCAC (ice cream social one day after?  Pancakes?) etc.  Order wristbands or other identifying item for volunteers, set up plan for volunteer table at meet, and recruit to staff it.
Coaches and Officials Social-Coaches and Officials social is typically held Friday after finals.  Event includes catered dinner, event space etc.
Hotels (most work to be done Sept/Oct again March)-Reach out to KCAC area hotels for availability and competitive pricing.  Secure blocks of rooms for officials and volunteers.  Provide list of hotels in local area and contact info for meet flier for traveling teams (Jan).
Parking and Permits-Secure rental of Little League Lot for overflow parking during the meet.  Secure permits for RV's on KCAC parking lot, provide information for meet flier.
You can sign up for these positions under "job sign up"
Most of these positions will require a few hours a month Dec-March, and a meeting or two prior to that.  Please let me know if you are interested in any of these positions, or if you have any questions!
Not yet ready to jump into a lead position?  Fear not, we will be looking for some help in the New Year to help with in kind donations (Coffee, food for hospitality etc) as well as lots of volunteers (parents and athletes) during the meet March 15-18!
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.