Marlins Invitational

Nov 3, 2017 (03:00 AM) - Nov 5, 2017 (02:00 AM)
September, 30 2017
November 2, 2017
(this is a team hosted event)
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Marlins Invitational | November 3-5, 2017 

The University of Maryland | Eppley Recreation Center | University of Maryland | College Park, Maryland 20742


If you have any Officials that have not volunteered yet that are traveling with your club, please have them contact John Kost to volunteer.  Thanks!
We do have deck credentials that all coaches, Swimmers, and Officials will need to pick up on your way into the pool.
Parking should be in the Terrapin Trail Parking Deck...see attached pdf map... pool and parking deck are circled. The parking lot by the swimmer entrance is under construction and is all torn up so there is no parking there all weekend and no swimmer drop off there either. Swimmer drop off should be at the front entrance of the Eppley Rec. Center, or park in the parking deck and walk across the bridge to the normal swimmer / coach entrance. Parents will enter thru the main entrance.
Timers will need to walk down the long steps and enter thru the swimmer / coach entrance and pick of a deck credential and a stop watch. Please have parents return the deck credential and watch upon leaving the pool deck.
Timer sign in form will be at one of the computer tables on deck.
Boys course will run length-wise (shallow end) and the girls course will run width-wise (diving board end of pool).
The Division of IT has launched a new wireless network for use by visitors to the University of Maryland, College Park campus!
The umd-guest network offers guests 24 hours of wireless access to Internet after creating an account and allows connection for up to three devices per account. In order to register, guests must have a device capable of receiving SMS text messages.
Qualifying Times

2017-20 USA BB times are the minimum qualifying standards in all events, all age groups. 11-12 yr old swimmers may enter 200’s of stroke in the 13-14 session IF they have a 13-14 BB qualifying time. These events will count towards the maximum daily entry limit.

Bonus Events

Swimmers with only 1 BB time may enter 3 additional events
Swimmers with only 2 BB times may enter 2 additional events
Swimmers with only 3 BB times may enter 1 additional events
Swimmers with 4 or more BB times may not enter additional events

The University of Maryland
Eppley Recreation Center
University of Maryland 
College Park, Maryland 20742

Sponsored by Potomac Marlins Swim Team  

Entry Limits

13 & Older

Friday = 2 events / Saturday = 5 events total (up to 3 in the am, up to 3 in the pm) / Sunday = 4 events


Fri = 2 events / Saturday = 4 events (no pm session for most swimmers) / Sunday = 4 events