Speedo Champs (Senior Sectionals)

Mar 15, 2018 - Mar 18, 2018
February 27, 2018


Qualified time required 

Event Limit: Each entered swimmer may participate in up to six (6) individual events and up to five (5) relays, but no more than three (3) individual events per day including Time Trial entries. All swimmers, including relay-only swimmers, are limited to three (3) Time Trial entries total. There is no limit to the number of relays a club may enter, but only the top two (2) relay teams per club can score in each event and will appear on the top 24 results in each relay event. Bonus Events: Swimmers may enter up to two bonus events for each qualified individual event, with a maximum total of two bonus events, not to exceed six (6) individual events total for the meet including Time Trial entries, as follows: Qualified Bonus Total One (1) qualified event Two (2) bonus events Three (3) total events Two (2) qualified events Two (2) bonus events Four (4) total events Three (3) qualified events Two (2) bonus events Five (5) total events Four (4) qualified events Two (2) bonus events Six (6) total events Five (5) qualified events One (1) bonus event Six (6) total events Six (6) qualified events No bonus events Six (6) total events There are no qualifying times for bonus events. NT entries will not be accepted.