Dick LaFave - A-1 - LC meet

April 27, 2018 - April 29, 2018
March 6, 2018


Age to SS group swimmers to attend. Any silver time qualified swimmers in Nov to attend. 

Swimmers ages 10&U may enter up to seven (7) events, but no more than three (3) on Saturday and no more than three (3) on Sunday. Swimmers ages 11&O may enter up to eight (8) events, but no more than two (2) on Friday, three (3) on Saturday, and three (3) on Sunday. Entries exceeding this limit will be scratched without
notification, and entry fees for entry count limitation scratches will not be refunded.Please indicate BONUS event in "note" Section at meet entry page.

Qualifying time: a swimmer must have achieved that event’s PNS “Silver” time standard for his/her age as of the
first day of the meet in USA Swimming sanctioned, approved, or observed competition. Bonus Events: A swimmer entered in one (1) qualifying event may enter up to two (2) Bonus events the same day, subject to the daily entry limits listed above.