Sr. Circuit Meet

October 13, 2017
October 4, 2017


This is a Sr. level swimmer dual meet, and there are other dual meets going on at the same time around the PNS. I will be entering events for the swimmers but you may request the events you want to swim so sign up for what you want. There is a cost for the meet which is $5 surcharge and $4 per event like most swim meets. The whole idea behind this is for racing just like a regular dual meet. 13 years and over are the age qualifications and the level of swimmers are that the swimmers should be at least close to a Sr. Zone qualifying time. There is a limit of 24 swimmers participating in the meet, so I will be taking the top 24. We can swim unattached swimmers as well. If you think you are on the bubble, please sign up anyway so that I can know who will be coming and who cannot come. We don't have 24 Sr. Swimmers at the Sr. Zone level, so those who are close still might be needed. The meet is Friday the 13th and we have been asked to get our entries in by Wednesday the 4th so sign up now please.