Annual Member Meeting

October 22, 2017 (07:00 PM) - October 22, 2017 (08:00 PM)
October 22, 2017


Otter families,

Our Annual Member Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 22nd at 7 pm at the Oasis Clubhouse.  This meeting is open to all swim team families and we encourage you all to attend.  This meeting will include a regular Board meeting where we will review the 2017 season and begin planning for 2018.

One of the agenda items will be the election of officers to fill vacant board positions.  Several of our current board members have been serving on the board for quite some time and we appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to the team.   They have served graciously but are now ready to move on.  We hope you will consider taking the opportunity to volunteer for one of these positions for the 2018 swim season. 

At this time, we have 5 positions with expiring terms.  They are listed below, along with a short job description for each (these are not all inclusive). Each position is elected for a one year term.

President:  Presides at all board meetings, general and active management of the business of the Team and ensures all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect, assists all Board members as needed.  Attends all board meetings and monthly Northland Conference meetings (7).

First Vice President: Serves as back up for the President, coordinates suit and cap orders, assists all Board members and coaches as needed.  Attends all board meetings and 1-2 monthly Northland Conference meetings.

VP of Operations:  Oversees daily activities on the pool deck, maintains all supplies for the Team, coordinates practice logistics and communication, coordinates meet set up, provides support and.  Attends all board meetings and 1-2 Northland Conference meetings.  This position requires regular availability to be on the pool deck during swim practice. 

Treasurer:  Maintains accurate accounting records for the Team, administers annual Team registration, pays all invoices, issues paychecks for coaches, maintains Team budget.  Attends all board meetings and 1-2 Northland Conference meetings.

Director of Volunteers:  Organizes and directs all lead volunteer positions including  concessions, meet worker coordinator, banquet committee, Schlitterbahn coordinator and officials coordinator. Attends all board meetings and 1-2 Northland Conference meetings.

All positions are open due to term limits set forth in our bylaws.  No Officer who has served 3 consecutive one - year terms is eligible for election until a year has passed.  This restriction may be waived if no other candidates for the positions are identified by the Nominating Committee. 

The Nominating Committee is as follows:

Shelley Munch:   shelley_munch@sbcglobal.net

Ronda Houts:   r_houts@hotmail.com

Dana Dunaway:   ddunaway@kc.rr.com

 If you have questions regarding position descriptions or duties or if you are interested in running for an open position, please contact someone on the Nominating Committee or any current Board member.  The Board meets monthly from January to May and once in September or October for the annual meeting.  Each board member is expected to attend at least one Northland Conference meeting. 

Current Board Members:

Amy Peterson, President, president@thousandoaksotters.com
Jennifer Colpitts, First Vice-President, firstvp@thousandoaksotters.com
Tricia Rosario, VP Swim Operations, vpswimoperations@thousandoaksotters.com
Rebecca Lewis, Secretary, secretary@thousandoaksotters.com
Bill Dunaway, Treasurer, treasurer@thousandoaksotters.com
Scott Berberich, Director of Volunteers, directorofvolunteers@thousandoaksotters.com

Prior to the October 22nd meeting, we will send out additional communication about the nominees.

Thank you,

Amy Peterson, President