Concord City Championships Meet

August 3, 2018 (06:00 PM) - August 5, 2018 (05:00 PM)
July 5, 2018
May 9, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Concord City Championships is a 3 day meet held at Concord Community Pool (Cowell Pool). 3501 Cowell Road, Concord, CA 94518. This end-of-the-season Championship meet is the culmination of our season as a team and a very exciting and competitive meet. This is a multi-day meet, however, Friday evening is ONLY for swimmers in the Individual Medley (6 & Unders do not swim this event). Saturday and Sunday are the 4 competitive strokes and relays. Because this meet is a championship meet, all swimmers (except Little Rays) are signed into the meet and expected to participate.

YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR STATUS TO DECLINED ONLY IF YOU CANNOT SWIM FOR THE ENTIRE MEET.  If you must miss just a portion of the meet (e.g. one of the days), please leave your status as committed, but indicate when you must miss in the "notes" section of your commitment. 

This is also a “trials and finals” format (not including IM), which means that swimmers swim in the morning session to qualify for a spot in the afternoon finals. This is an “A” and “B” division meet. The determination of division is not based on qualifying time, but instead, determined by making a break at the middle of all entries received for that event. Thus, you could be in “A” division in one stroke and “B” division in another. BOTH divisions swim afternoon finals and BOTH are counted toward the team score.  There is also a sportsmanship award and high point awards for “A” and “B” divisions. Swimmers will swim 3 individual events unless they are unable to attend a portion of the meet.

On Friday, swimmers should be at the pool, checked in and ready to swim by 4:00 pm.

This meet has a Clerk of the Course. Swimmers must report to the clerk of the course before their event to be permitted to swim that race. Parents will be responsible for ensuring their child reports to the Clerk of the Course. Programs will be available for sale the day of the meet and will indicate swimmers' heat, lane, and division.

Meet starts at 6:00 pm Friday.

*if your child is swimming in this meet, you must work a job assignment.


  • Access to the pool area for decorating and/or setting up team areas will begin at 12 pm on Friday, August 4 and NO earlier.
  • Posters may be hung on fences and/or bleachers only, NOT on any buildings.
  • Please limit food and drink to grass areas not the pool deck.
  • Use of Alcohol is strictly prohibited.  The police will be called to arrest individuals in violation of this policy. 
  • All City Pool Rules must be followed at all times.