Qualifying Meet - FLAGS @ Orlando Y

Feb 15, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Feb 18, 2018 (03:00 AM)
January 31, 2018


Qualifying Meet - please consult the head coach at your location before committing to this event.
Location: Orlando Y
Warm-up/Start time by session:
Friday, Feb. 16- Dynamic Warm-up @ 8:00AM (Meet starts at 9, we have no one in the first event)
Friday Finals- 4:15 Dynamic Warm-up, Meet starts at 5:00
Saturday, Feb. 17- Dynamic Warm-up @ 7:45AM, Meet starts at 9AM (200 Medley relay is first event)
Saturday Finals- 4:15 Dynamic Warm-up, Meet starts at 5:00
Sunday, Feb. 18- Dynamic Warm-up @ 7:15AM, Meet starts at 9AM
Sunday Finals- 4:15 Dynamic Warm-up, Meet starts at 4:30PM (Mile is first event)
*Warm-up times are assigned by the meet director once all entries are received.  Please look for updated times
Shirts for the weekend: Friday-Grey, Saturday-Green, Sunday-Black or White
Tentative Relay lineups are uploaded below.  Final relay orders will be announced during Saturday warm-ups.  *Please note that all 200 Medley relays for 10&Unders and 11-12's will be the first event on Saturday.  The 11-12 Girls 400 Free relay will be at the end of the prelim session on Saturday.  We will know exactly what time that will swim once the timeline has been issued.
Meet Fee: $6 per event  + $43 per swimmer


Payment Note: By signing up online for this meet, you agree to pay all related entry fees. You also acknowledge that entry fee charges are non-refundable regardless of illness, injury or any reason that may not allow you to participate in part of or all of this meet. Once the registration deadline has passed, swimmers will be charged for their entry fees.