T-Hills Round Robin Team Travel Meet; Tualatin Hills, OR

Jan 13, 2018 - Jan 15, 2018
December, 14 2017
January 10, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)




Friday Dinner:

Like last year we are going to do food on the bus drive down for dinner Friday night.  This saves on some time and is much easier for planning.  We have set up a link for athletes to select their meals in advance.  Follow this link (https://airtable.com/ shr1L3qcFRuVu6IAa) and then follow the directions on the website to select your meal.  We need to have selections made by Tuesday January 9th.  This gives us enough time to double check orders. 


We will do Breakfast at the Hotel.  Lunch we will do subs or sandwiches.  And Dinner we will order and do back at the hotel.


We will have some snacks for the kids to eat at the pool.  But if your swimmer likes anything specific, I encourage you to pack it and send it with them.


We will have some bottled water for the kids for meals, but again I would encourage everyone to bring a water bottle or two to keep filled all weekend long.


New Pool Rules:

This year I have had some new rules passed along to me from the Meet Director.  I think they have remodeled or updated some of the flooring at the pool, and are working to ensure it lasting.  So they are enforcing the no folding chairs on the deck rule.  We will make sure we get a spot on the bleachers somewhere for our team area. 

They also have a no food or drink (accept water) rule for the pool deck.  Obviously, this will complicate things with snacks and lunches served at the pool.  But the coaches will probably set up a “food area” somewhere outside or in the lobby and use that as the place for the kids to eat.  I know this isn’t ideal for the kids, but we have to follow their pool rules. 


Travel Dates:

January 12th: We are going to have a 2:50 meet time at JAC for the bus.  And hope to get on the road as quickly as possible from there.

January 13th -15th : The athletes will participate in 3 round robin dual meets, and then a championships finals session on Monday.

January 15th : All swimmers will return in the evening (after 6PM most likely)


Athlete Hotel Information:

Holiday Inn Express

Hotel Address:

15700 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd.

Lake Oswego, OR, 97035

I have finished the rooming assignments for this meet.  I have also let the majority of the kids know at practice who they are staying with.  Please check with your athlete first to see who they are rooming with, and if you have any concerns let me know.


Trip Cost

The cost this year will be $400 per athlete. That includes transportation (via team bus), lodging, and all meals over the weekend. We will also provide some healthy snacks at the meet for the athletes. Any additional snacks or drinks the kids want they are encouraged to pack and bring with them.



The Coaches attending are:
Coach Chad

Coach Erin

Coach Denise

Coach Beth

Coach Basil


Can parents still attend?

Yes, parents are welcome to attend the meet and watch their swimmers perform. We love having support from the stands! The coaches think it would be a terrific idea for the parents attending to coordinate amongst themselves and stay together at a hotel close to where the athletes are staying. This will help further the “team” aspect of the trip for everyone involved. Additionally, one night of the trip will be a dinner with the parents so families can get a little more caught up with their athlete.


Meet Sessions:

We are in the B Bracket for the Round Robin this year, which means our schedule is:

Saturday: Middle Session (10:15 Warm Up/11:15 Meet)

Sunday: Morning Session (7 Warm Up/8 Meet) /Late Session (2:30 Warm Up/3:30 Meet)

Monday: Distance Session (7:30 Warm Up/8:30 Meet) and Finals Session (10 Warm Up/11 Meet)


Tentative Itinerary

-Friday January 13:

Meet at Juanita HS at 2:50

Bus Leaves by 315

Dinner served on the bus

Arrive at Hotel around 7:00 PM.

Check In and get settled into the Hotel.

Lights out by 9:30 PM.


-Saturday January 14:

Breakfast at hotel

Swim Meet #1

Leave for Pool at 9:45:

Warm Ups at 10:30

Meet at 11:30

Lunch: Supplied during the meet session

Dinner: TBD at the team hotel


-Sunday January 15:

Breakfast at Hotel:

Swim Meet #2:

Leave for Meet at 6:40AM

Warm Ups at 7:00AM

Meet Starts at 8:00AM

Lunch handed out on the way back to hotel


Swim Meet #3:

Leave for Meet at 2:00PM

Warm Ups at 2:30PM

Meet Starts at 3:30PM

Dinner: TBD at the team hotel


-Monday January 16:

Breakfast at Hotel

Warm Ups at 7:30 AM (Leave Hotel around 7AM)

Distance Meet ends at 10:30AM

Finals Sessions (Swimmers Leave at 8:15AM)

Immediately followed by Finals Rounds warm ups at 10:30AM

Finals sessions ends at (Approx.) 3:00PM

Leave for return and arrive at Juanita TBD (Around 6:00PM)


To bring list:

-Team shirts for all three days (Black on Saturday/White on Sunday/Purple on Monday)

-Extra caps, goggles in case something breaks

-Extra towels (The hotel has dryers so if you want to send your kid with coins they can dry towels over the weekend too, but 3 towels minimum)

-Team suit (plus a backup in case of a tear)

-Warm clothes (Portland weather has been very cold as of late, and I would like to make sure the kids are bundled up coming and going to the pool.)

-Any snacks, food, etc. for the weekend (We will get some fruits and vegetables, but kids should pack anything else they might want)

-Drinks for the weekend besides water (We will probably pick up some Gatorade for meals, but not for the meets)

-New Meet Information says NO folding chairs allowed on the pool deck will be allowed and bleachers will be provided. I would encourage the kids to bring a pad for the bleachers.


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