2017 HOKI Holiday Invite - OCCS TEAM TRAVEL MEET

December 7, 2017 - December 10, 2017
November 10, 2017
December 1, 2017
(this is a team hosted event)


2017 HOKI Holiday Invite

Team Travel Meet   

December 7-10

Registration deadline is 11/10/17

Swimming offers many great lessons for kids to experience throughout their swimming career.  One of the most fulfilling is attending a team travel trip.    

All swimmers 9 years old and up with at least one ‘A’ time in their age are invited to attend the 2017 HOKI Invite in Christiansburg, VA.  Online you can see a list of swimmers that have at least one A time; or you can see the qualifying times here:

We currently have three luxury coach buses reserved for transportation; we have 50+ secured hotel rooms and will have the food arrangements and parental supervision taken care of for all participants to have a safe and successful, competitive experience.  Swimmers participating in the HOKI Meet are not to attend the STAT Meet December 1- 3. 

Age: 9 & over only (as of December 7, 2017)

Time Standard Achievement: Swimmers must have at least one USA Swimming “A” minimum times to qualify for this meet.  Please let me know if your swimmer is not included and/or has older times that are not showing in our system.  The only exception to these time requirements is for swimmers 13 & over that have been training in the PN programs and have maintained a minimum attendance requirement at practices as well as plan to do so leading up to the meet.  These swimmers will be allowed to attend as long as the commitment to practices and swim meets is maintained. 

11 & over Cost & Registration: The exact cost for entry fees, team travel (food, transportation, hotel, etc.) and team attire will be determined after the trip is complete.  In order to register, a $250 deposit is due by Wednesday, November 8.  Every swimmer attending will need to be registered online and pay the entire registration fee and subsequent participation fee in order to attend this meet (we anticipate the costs to be around $500 per swimmer - last year the cost was $485).  The final installment will be billed following the meet (January 1; likely around $250).  You may request to split up the payments differently if you prefer; please contact Pam Young ( ) or Aaron Dean ( ) for options

9-10 year old Cost & Registration: 9-10 year olds may attend, however must travel and stay with their parents throughout the trip (except while at the meet and with the coaches).  The cost for these swimmers is $140 and covers entry fees and a team shirt.  There may be an option to join in the team for travel on the bus to Christiansburg and between the hotel and pool for an additional cost to be billed following the meet. 

Events: The event line up will be determined by the coaches.  Swimmers will be placed in events as the coaches determine to be in the best interest of the team and the individual athlete. 

Pre-Travel Meeting: On Saturday, December 2, we will have a mandatory team practice and team meeting at Central Park Aquatic Center.  At this meeting, all of the expectations of the trip will be discussed as well as the final timeline of arrangements. Groups will meet based on the following schedule:

NTG: 5:30-7:30 a.m. Practice, Meeting at 7:45 a.m.

Pre-Nat:  7:30-9:00 a.m. Practice, Meeting at 9:15 a.m.

IMX/IMR Plus/IMR: 9:00-10:00 a.m. Practice, Meeting at 10:15 a.m.

The HOKI Holiday Travel meet is a team building effort.  The intent of a trip like this is to offer a group of swimmers the opportunity to come together as a team and to provide an experience that can create excitement and enthusiasm for swimming now and in the future.  For this reason, all swimmers 11 & over are required to travel and stay with the team throughout the trip otherwise, if your swimmer is not ready for the team travel event, please attend the STAT Meet December 1-3. 

The only exception to the team travel requirement is that if your swimmer cannot travel with the team to the meet (departing at 8am on Thursday, December 7), you may transport them to the meet separately, however they will need to be to the competition pool for the team warm up (around 2pm) and they will remain with the team throughout the trip until the final races are finished at which time you may transport your own swimmer home if you prefer to not have them return on the bus.  Regardless of this arrangement, the costs will be the same for every participant. 

We do encourage parents to attend and watch the meet however we request that you offer your swimmer some separation to help the team environment be established.  We are also required to keep the group protected with only fully screened USA Swimming members to be in contact with the kids during the trip.  The team hotel likely will be fully booked however we may have some additional rooms to extend to you if you would like to stay close by, otherwise there are some alternative hotels nearby that we have reserved additional rooms at. Again, we encourage you to allow your swimmer to learn from the team trip. 

The STAT Holiday meet December 1-3 is for any swimmers that are not ready, willing or eligible for a team trip like this. 

Why are we offering a team trip?

From a coaching perspective, we see team travel as an important part of a swimmer’s development as an athlete and as a student.  When swimmers get to certain levels of competition (Nationals, Olympics, All-Star Meets, etc) they are required to travel with the team in order to stay in a controlled environment relatively free of distractions, proper nutrition and sleep patterns.  Offering this type of trip to younger swimmers as well as seasoned veterans, offers a learning environment for the future generation of elite Occoquan Swimmers.  Also, the first steps to preparing a swimmer to take care of themselves at college requires you let them learn and grow on their own in trips like this. Here are some additional benefits to sending your swimmer on a team trip:

  1. Team bonding & social interaction
  2. Development of swimmer independence – taking ownership of performances. 
  3. Development of inter-dependence with team peers
  4. Allows athletes to see swimming as a much bigger venture
  5. Improved opportunity for athletic & personal growth (taking swimmer out of comfort zone)
  6. Provide an experience that will help prepare swimmers for college and performing under pressure. 

Some of the details

This meet is strictly a swimming competition trip (think of this as a business trip with a strict schedule and expectation of performance and focus throughout the weekend).  There will not be time during this trip for team activities, movies, etc.  Swimmers attending should be aware that everyone will remain on the same schedule of being at the pool and/or hotel regardless of whether they qualify for finals in the evening or not.  Time at the hotel is to be spent resting and/or doing homework.  There are very strict rules that will be followed during the trip so that everyone is given the opportunity to focus and have a successful competitive experience.  If your swimmer is not ready to experience the expectations of participating in a disciplined event like this, please do not enroll them in this trip.  They would be better suited to attend the STAT Holiday Swim Meeet where things are a little easier for needed direct parent supervision.  

There will be zero compromise of ensuring the opportunity to swim fast for every swimmer this includes rest, nutrition and accountability throughout the weekend.  

There is room for up to 120 swimmers, 8 coaches and 8 chaperones to travel on a luxury bus; however, if we have more than 120 swimmers that would like to attend, we will consider additional means of transportation:

- Thursday, December 7

- Depart from Central park 8:00am - note that the meet begins Thursday Afternooon this year. 

- Transportation to and from hotel and swimming pool will be provided for all coaches, swimmers and oversight chaperones.   

- Chaperones and coaches will be authorized guardians of the swimmers and ensure proper safety and health of each individual is taken care of.  There will be separate transportation available should the need arise for medical issues, etc. 

- Meals and snacks will be provided throughout the meet for all participants

- Breakfast at hotel

- Lunch at pool or hotel (depending on schedule)

- Dinner at pool or hotel (buffet style)

- Snacks at the pool will include healthy foods to provide nutrition needs during the meet. 

- All swimmers will need a water bottle with them for drinks at the meet and during meals.  Separate drinks/bottles will not be provided.

- Hotel arrangements will be provided for all participants.  There will be 3-4 swimmers of the same gender and similar age per room (2 queen beds in each). 

- There may be considerable time spent at the hotel between prelims & finals, which should allow for time for homework completion between prelims & finals.

- Rooms & hallways will be strictly monitored by chaperones

- Hotel Details: 

Holiday Inn Express 1020 Plantation Road, Blacksburg, Virginia

There may be additional rooms available at the group rate. After all team arrangements are made, group rate rooms will be available to book however parents traveling separately are encouraged to make their own hotel arrangements. There are also rooms reserved for parents at Hilton Garden Inn details will be provided later on reserving a room under the team block.

- All swimmers will be required to agree to the travel code of conduct

To register, please use the online system for meet registration. There will be a cost of $250 due at the time of registering for the meet to act as a deposit toward the travel.  The remainder due will be invoiced to you on your January OCCS invoice.  After registration is complete, no reimbursement of paid fees will be givenand any additional costs determined after you register will still need to be paid (regardless of swimmer participation).  Payment plans are available if you prefer to have the costs spread over the next few months.  

Parents interested in attending as a chaperone are asked to send an email to  There is no cost to attend as a chaperone, however all chaperones will need to become (if not already done so) a USA Swimming member and complete the background checking process.  The openings for chaperones will be offered first to those that already have the USA Swimming membership and background screening as a USA Swimming Official and then to new chaperones that would like to go through the registration process.  All credentials must be obtained prior to departure (see below for details on membership requirements).  

- There are two types of chaperones that are needed:

- (8) Supervisors – each supervising chaperone will have 15-20 swimmers they will be responsible for.  First and foremost, these chaperons will be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of each child is taken care of.  Second is to ensure all swimmers are at the right place at the right time and they have a successful trip.

- (6) Food gatherers/ emergency chaperones – these chaperones are responsible for helping to coordinate food set up and clean up for the meals and snacks for the group as well as be available for any transportation issues for emergency purposes. Breakfast is provided at the hotel as part of the hotel rate, so nothing needs to be done with this.  Lunch will be in the form of boxed lunches that will be picked up by the food gatherers and supplied to the swimmers & other chaperones after prelims at the hotel.  Dinner will be delivered picked up by the food gatherers for set up at the hotel.  The ‘food gatherer’ chaperones are to travel in their own car at their own cost for freedom of gathering food. 

- Hotel – attending chaperones will be paired with a chaperone of the same gender to share a hotel room.  If you prefer your own room or have a spouse that will attend, an additional cost may be required. 

- Food will be provided throughout the weekend to the chaperones as well as any parents volunteering for officiating throughout the weekend. 

- Transportation – all “supervising” chaperones are expected to travel on the bus with their group of swimmers (with exception to one vehicle that will be used for transporting emergencies).  The food chaperones will provide their own transportation. 

Swim Meet Details

- Thursday is timed finals distance event and possibly a relay - all swimmers are expected to attend.

- Friday, Saturday & Sunday, the meet is split into a morning prelims sessions (12 & under swimmers are in separate session from 13 & over) and evening finals sessions (11 & over).  The bus will coordinate based on the meet schedule; all swimmers will be required to attend all sessions of the meet that OCCS swimmers are competing in.  

- Entries will be decided on by the coaches for this meet.  Once registration requests are submitted, the coaching staff will determine the best team line up for the swimmer and the team.  Your swimmer’s entry will be available to view online.    

- All swimmers will be expected to be in the team area throughout the meet unless they have checked with their chaperone or their coach. 

- Chaperones will need to remain in the stands and off the pool deck.  Chaperones will be encouraged to help with timing and officiating, however please keep in mind that the team obligations may require early departure from the meet sessions. 

TRAVEL DETAILS will be updated as we get closer to the event.

Bus Schedule

- The bus will depart from Central Park Aquatic Center at 8:00am Thursday

- We will drive from directly to the aquatic center for a team warm up

- Dinner will be provided at the hotel and lights out time will be as early as possible to prepare for the long weekend.

- Friday & Saturday Schedule (subject to change depending on the exact warm up and meet timelines). 

· 6:00am                         Wake up / breakfast

· 6:30am                         Bus departs for pool

· 7:00am                         Meet warm ups

· 8:00am-12:00pm          Swim meet

· 12:00pm                       Bus departs for Hotel / Lunch

· 1:00-4:00pm                 Rest at Hotel  

· 4:00pm                         Depart hotel for finals

· 4:30-7:00pm               Finals Session

· 7:00pm                        Dinner

· 10:00pm                       Lights out & in bed

- Sunday Schedule

· 6:00am                         Wake up / breakfast (check out of hotel)

· 6:30am                         Bus departs for pool

· 7:00am                         Meet warm ups

· 8:00am-3:00pm            Swim meet (1650 session)

· 3:30pm                       Finals warm up

· 4:30pm                         Finals Start

· 6:30pm                         Dinner at pool (or on bus)

· 11:00pm                      Arrive Freedom

Cost – based on 100 swimmers attending

- Total cost                       $450-$550per swimmer*

- The exact cost will be determined after all registrations & deposits and final costs have been processed.  This could fluctuate $100 more or less depending on the final numbers. The goal is to provide the lowest cost possible while not sacrificing a first class experience for each swimmer to compete well throughout the weekend.

- Each swimmer will be asked to bring $25 for incidental items needed during the trip (goggle replacement, or other items)

- Included in the costs:

- Transportation to & from Manassas and throughout the meet between hotel and swimming pool

- Hotel accommodations – 3-4 swimmers per room/ 2 chaperones per room

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the meet (swimmers are to bring lunch and snacks for bus trip on Thursday)

- Meet entry fees for up to the max # events

Chaperone Notes    

- We anticipate there being a lot of interest in being a chaperone for this event.  Precedence will be given to chaperones/officials that already have the USA Swimming membership and athlete protection training and background screening. 

- If you have preferred arrangements i.e. both you and your spouse plan to attend and be chaperones, please send an email to and we can make these arrangements for you.  If you prefer to have your own room, there will be an additional cost associated with the request. 

- Food Chaperone the hotel and food will be free, but these chaperones will provide own transportation arrangements & be on call for any needs for the team throughout the trip. 

- USA Swimming membership

If you are already an official and have completed the background check, you are qualified.  If you have not done so yet, you will need to complete this prior to the team departure.  To do this, please follow the following instructions:

1.      Go to:

2.      Click on Registration form for athletes/ non-athletes

3.      Click on the form for 2018 NON-ATHLETE Registration

4.      Fill out the form and indicate the Team will pay…

5.      Complete the Acxiom Level 1 Criminal Background Check (this may be done immediately i.e. prior to submitting registration form to PVS) at   The cost is around $35 and will be reimbursed by OCCS as a credit to your account.

6.      Complete Athlete Protection Training course ( ) Current and previous members can access the course at any time. New non-athlete members must register through PVS before getting access to this online course, which takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and is offered at no charge. New members cannot initiate the course until their membership application has been processed by their LSC, so it is recommended that new members wait ten days after mailing their application before attempting to log in to take the course. Once their membership application has been processed, the log in procedure can be completed. (An error message will appear during the log in if the new member’s application hasn’t been processed yet.)

- The number one responsibility for chaperones is to ensure the safety of each swimmer.  Swimmers are relatively resilient, but should an illness arise or other emergency, you will be there to make the decisions to care for their health. 

- The second responsibility is to ensure every swimmer is at the right place at the right time.  To this end, there will be three checking points for your group.  You will have a check list to check that all of your kids are where they need to be (you may or may not have a need for this, for the first day it will be helpful to get to know the names).  The chaperone in charge for each age group will have the final say in determining when the vans are ready to depart:

§   Bus Loading – every time we load the bus, all of your swimmers need to be accounted for. 

§   Hotel hallway walkthroughs – at the hotel making a walk through the hallways to ensure no loud noises or excessive jumping around is happening (between sessions, at night, etc.)

§   Bed check – at the lights out time all swimmers should be in their own rooms and in bed.  TV’s may stay on for 30 minutes past the lights out time; after that time, the rooms should be quiet. 

- At the pool you’ll be free to just be a spectator or timer.  The coaches will deal with the swimming aspects and ensure the swimmers are ready for their events.  There will be a specific team area that all swimmers will need to stay in for the meet unless they are cheering by the pool, in the bathroom or in the pool.  Snacks will need to be available to the kids throughout the meets session and will be overseen by the food chaperones.

- Chaperones are included in the meals, so all meals that are provided are for you as well.  Don’t hesitate to make sure you’re taken care of with ample food and drink for the weekend. 

- Coaches may be used for any disciplinary action that may be needed.  There is a natural fear in athletes of disappointing or upsetting a coach that should prevent any action needed, but if the need arises, talk to the coaches for help with dealing with any disrespect or disorder. 


Meet rules & notes coming soon