Meet of Champions (MOC) - Woodland

Aug 4, 2018 (07:00 AM) - Aug 5, 2018 (05:00 PM)
July, 28 2018


Congratulations for qualifying for 2018 Meet of Champions (MOC)

JRRC has many swimmers that have qualfied for at least 1 event. Our webpage shows the events your child has qualified for, click  here for details. In addition to these events, every swimmer can pick a bonus event of their choice.  We will also be entering at least one relay in every age group, so it is very important that the coaches know if your swimmer will be available to participate in the relays.

***If you will not be participating, I will remove you from the email distribution list once you advise online by declining on the event or email me***

The details below give you the information required to register for this event:

  • On the MOC Site:
    • Go to "Register Now". Do not Login to the site first. If you have an existing account from 2017 MOC that account is suspended. If you are new to MOC then you will need to create a new account. The MOC account is not linked to your team's TeamUnify account.
    • Please register your swimmer(s), sign the waivers and submit the fee for this event.
  • On the  JRRC site, please use the 'Attend Event' button on this event to advise the events you are planning to swim and please make note if you will be available for relays Saturday or Sunday or both.  Please also use the comments to advise if your swimmer will select a bonus event.
  • Once JRRC registration is complete please go to the MOC volunteer sign up and chose 1-2 shifts for this event. The volunteer link will be active after they approve your account which can take up to 24h. We appreciate your help. 

Practices will be from July 24th through August 3rd. Times TBD...

Please review the following douments:
Meet Sheet Information
LOCATION: Charles Brooks Community Swim Center 155 N West St, Woodland, CA 95695
COURSE: Outdoor 50 Meter pool using 10 lanes for competition, additional lanes for warm up/ warm down.

Warm Ups: 7:30AM – 8:45 AM

Trials: 9:00AM

Finals: Finals will start no sooner than 1 hour after the conclusion of prelims.

* All times are for both days.

 RULES: USA Swimming Rules will be in effect. USA Swimming warm-up procedures will be in effect. All individual events are TRIALS/ FINALS. Swimmers may compete in any event that they qualify plus one “bonus event”. This meet is open to any Greater Sacramento Valley area summer league swimmer that meets the qualification guidelines.
CHECK-IN: Swimmers do not need to check in for this meet. Volunteers need to report to their shift at the allocated time.
RELAYS: All relay events are swum as Timed Finals during the finals session. No Relay events will be swum during the morning sessions.
RESTRICTIONS: No tobacco products, alcohol, drugs or dogs are permitted inside the pool facility or the surrounding areas.
ELIGIBILITY: All swimmers must be a current Recreation League swimmer. Swimmers are eligible to swim any event in which they place in the top 10 of their recognized summer league championship meet OR who meet the minimum time standard for each event (see Qualification times chart). Proof of qualification will be the responsibility of each swimmer and/or coach. Swimmers/coaches may be asked to provide proof of qualification at the Meet Directors request (meet results, ribbons…). No unattached or incomplete entries will be accepted. All relays must be entered prior to the meet.
TIME STANDARDS: Swimmers may qualify for events by meeting the published time standard for each event. Time standards may be achieved at any meet during the 2018 swim season. Swimmers using time standards to enter are not required to have placed in the top 10 at their championship meet. Time standards are can be found in the Qualification Time Chart.
BONUS EVENTS: Swimmers will be allowed to enter one additional event over and above the events they qualified for. This can be any event on either day.
SINCE 2014: Relay only swimmers will NOT be allowed to enter a bonus event.
CORRESPONDING EVENT: Should a league not offer the same distance of a particular stroke, swimmers may enter the corresponding event that is being offered at The Sacramento Valley Meet of Champions. Swimmers should use the times achieved in the events they swam and will be seeded accordingly. Ex: Your league swims the 100 fly for 15-18s but at MOC we offer the 50 fly. You may enter the 50 fly at MOC as long as you finished in the top 10 at your league’s champs in the corresponding event.
SCRATCHES: Preliminaries – This is a pre-seeded meet. It will be the responsibility of each swimmer to report for each race. No entry fee refunds will be given for missed races. There will be no “ready bench”.
Finals – If a swimmer makes it to finals but doesn’t plan to swim please notify the meet referee so alternates can be notified.
REGISTRATION: All swimmers must register, sign the waiver and pay the flat fee of $25 on our webpage @ www.meetofchampions.com by 
ENTRIES (Hy-Tek): Teams will be entering qualified events and relays as a group by using the Hytek software via their coach or team representative. Meet entries are due on July 24 at 4pm. Please email entries to meetofchampions@gmail.com. Entry fees must be received by the entry deadline for the entries to be considered “on time”. All swimmers need a current account on our MOC webpage.

Teams will be limited to 1 relay per team per event. No B relay teams will be accepted.

EXCEPTION:A team can enter 2 relays in the 6-under Co-ed Relay event only.
Please include relay entries in your team entry. Entries must include the names and ages of each competitor, and may include 2 alternates. Deadline for finalizing relay names will be determined by the meet referee. No Relay entries submitted by individuals will be accepted. Relay entries must be received by the entry deadline. No late or deck entries will be accepted. 6-under Free Relay will be swum as a Co-Ed Relay. Each 6 and U team should have at least 1 boy and 1 girl per team. Swimmers will NOT be allowed to swim out of their age group for relays. All swimmers competing in the relay event must have their names listed on the team entry form and have an active account with the MOC webpage, all waivers signed and fees paid.


$30 flat fee. This will cover splash fee and all eligible entries.

All swimmer including the relay only swimmer will sign up on our MOC webpage.

AWARDS: Individual: DISTINCTIVE MEDALS will be awarded 1st through 8th place FINALISTS
DISTINCTIVE RIBBONS will be awarded 9th through 16th place Consolation Finalists
Relays: DISTINCTIVE MEDALS will be awarded to 1st - 3rd place teams
DISTINCTIVE RIBBONS will be awarded 4th through 8th place
Team: CUSTOM TROPHIES will be awarded to the TOP 3 scoring teams in two divisions. Team divisions will be based on the number of swimmers entered for each team.
Individual Scoring: 1st through 16th places 20-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Relay Scoring 1st through 16th places 40-34-32-30-28-26-24-22-18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2
HOSPITALITY: Hospitality will be available for officials, coaches, and timers. A snack bar will be available.
QUESTIONS: Steffi Thorlichen meetofchampions@gmail.com (916) 303 0068
Disclaimer: Participation of teams, coaches and swimmers are offered at the sole discretion of the Meet of Champions Meet Directors.
The MOC Directors reserve the right to deny or revoke participation before and during the meet of individual swimmers, coaches and teams.