Keep Midland Beautiful Trash Pick Up Fundraiser

Mar 24, 2018 (10:00 AM) - Mar 24, 2018 (12:00 PM)
November, 18 2017
March 24, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


8am MEETING LOCATION:   TBD- Please check back on Friday Afternoon, March 23rd

Keep Midland Beautiful Trash Pick Up is a fundraiser and service opportunity for our team.  Bring the whole family (and friends too!) and serve our community while earning service hours.  We are paid by the person, so anyone 5yr old and up who picks up trash with us will help us earn money for this year's team parties and team travel trips.  MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP ON THE TEAMUNIFY JOB SIGN UP PAGE FOR AS MANY SLOTS AS YOU EXPECT TO HAVE PEOPLE PARTICIPATING.  (If 3 people are coming WITH YOU, then sign up for 4 slots.)  We are also paid by the hour, so we will have a Check In time (8:00am) at the location when we will have a safety meeting, receive instructions, and receive our gloves and trash bags.  And we will also have a Check Out time (10:00am) back at the same location when we will Check Out to receive service hours.


Everyone MUST wear long pants and closed toe shoes to participate.  Anyone not wearing long pants and closed toe shoes will not be allowed to participate; not receiving any service hours.


The location of the trash pick up will be emailed out on the Friday prior to the event ONLY TO PEOPLE SIGNED UP TO PARTICIPATE ON THE TEAMUNIFY JOB SIGN UP PAGE.

Any weather updates or cancellations will be posted by 7:45 am HERE and on the COM Swim Booster Club facebook page.  In the event of light rain, the event will still be held; there will be no cancellation.  Please note that no umbrellas can be carried while picking up trash.

EVERYONE MUST HAVE ON LONG PANTS AND CLOSED TOE SHOES OR THEY WILL BE SENT HOME, GETTING NO SERVICE HOURS.  You must check in no later than 8:00 am for the Safety Meeting and photograph before we start.  



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