Partners of the Tigersharks

FGC Junior Olympics @ Sailfish Splash

July 20, 2018 - July 22, 2018
July 20, 2018
Age Group, Junior, Senior




Martin County Swimming and  the North Palm Beach Swim Club co-host this exciting  Championship meet, where the fastest FGC 14 & under swimmers compete!

Meet Information  (includes information on the closed deck, how to obtain a deck pass, and lots of other important information)

Volunteer Sign-up:  (If you would like to be included in the Volunteer Coordinator's Master List to ensure free entry to the session you work, please sign up to volunteer before Wednesday, July 18th by clicking the Volunteer Sign-up link.)

Intent to Officiate:  (Officials:  if you would like to be included in pre-meet planning and Deck setting, please sign up before Thursday, July 18th.)

Site Map - Swim Area

Site Map - Overview - includes parking info


ALL family members, guests and spectators must use the Spectator Entrance at the main entrance to the water park (see Site Map above). Family members and spectators may NOT enter the Spectator Viewing Area adjacent to the competition pool with chairs or tents. There is a small area between the park entrance and the Spectator Viewing Area where tents and folding chairs will be allowed (see yellow highlighted area on the Site Map). There are also locations outside of the fence indicated on the site map where families may set up tents. Tents may be set up on Friday morning and not prior to 7:00 AM. The venue will open to spectators, athletes and coaches at 7:00 AM each morning and at 4:30 PM each afternoon. Volunteers may enter the venue at 6:30 AM each morning and at 4:00 PM each afternoon.

The spectator bleachers are covered but will not keep the sun or a driving rain out completely, so please urge your families to plan accordingly. They do allow folding bleacher seats and there is ADA accessible seating for spectators as well. The athletes and spectators will all use the main locker rooms and the County is providing a first aid tent.


Family and spectator coolers, food and beverages are NOT permitted anywhere inside the facility including the shaded yellow area for parent tents. Coolers may be left in vehicles so long as the food and beverages are not brought into the facility. You can probably bring in a bottle of water and your morning coffee when you enter the facility. The facility does have a full service concession with plenty of drink options and a decent selection of food.