Personalized Sea Lions Swim Caps for Sale!

Dec 3, 2017 (02:00 AM) - Dec 12, 2017 (02:00 AM)
December, 12 2017
December 12, 2017
(this is a team hosted event)




We will be placing an order for Personalized Sea Lions Swim Caps!  Available in Latex or Silicone.  Please put the last name that you want on the cap in the notes section of the job sign up.  You will be billed once the order is submitted.  Latex caps will run approximately $7 and Silicone $9.  Personalization is $3 extra.  The minimum order for personalized caps is 2.  Please list last names only for the personalization unless you have more than one swimmer.  Use two job sign up slots if you have more than one swimmer.  Please indicate whether you want Latex or Silicone or both.  

Confused about which cap to order?  Here's some good gauge on how to select what is best for your swimmer (or try both!)

Latex caps are stretchy, so they fit most head sizes. They can "grab" long hair when being put on or taken off - and having your hair pulled is not comfortable. Once a swimmer is experienced at donning a swim cap, this is usually not a big problem. Latex swim caps are non-porous, so if it is used in a warm environment they can increase a swimmer's body temperature as they trap a layer of warm water between the scalp and the cap, which results in insulating the swimmer's head from the cooling water of the swimming pool. One caution, some swimmers have an allergic reaction to latex.

Silicone swim caps increase in popularity as the level of swimming meets increase. At the Summer Olympic Games, every swimmer probably wears a silicone swim cap, or wears a latex cap with a silicone cap over it. Since silicone tends to be very stretchy but also tends to want to hold its shape, it conforms and it smooths, making a better hydrodynamic swimming form out of a swimmer's head. Some silicone caps have special features to make them even more hydrodynamic.




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