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Zone 3 Peggy Ramirez Memorial Winter Championships

January 13, 2018 - January 14, 2018
January 3, 2018


Zone 3 Peggy Ramirez Memorial Winter Championships



January 13-14, 2018


Quinn Swim Center, Santa Rosa Junior College, 1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA

Registration Deadline

January 3, 2018 or when meet reaches capacity, whichever is first

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Meet Information



We are excited to announce that the Zone 3 Championship meet is now open for entries.  This is our fall/winter Championship meet, our goal is to have 30 or more swimmers attend to make this our highest attended meet of the fall/winter season.  We will be competing with 33 other Zone 3 teams in this Championship meet.  We have been participating in this meet since 2011 and if well attended by our team we will be positioned to have our strongest performance ever at this meet. 

Swimmers are permitted to swim up to three events per day.  Since this is a championship meet, I ask that all swimmers try to swim three events per day as it will benefit our team. 

Swimmers may choose their events but I will be providing recommendations of events through ome.swimconnection.com based on which races I believe the swimmer can benefit the team most.

We also ask that swimmers sign-up for both days of the meet if available as both days scores are combined to determine team rankings.  

For families new to USA Swimming meets it is important to know that meets in USA Swimming are officiated much more strictly than the Marin Swim League so swimmers should register only for strokes that they are able to swim in compliance with the rules for that stroke.  If you are not sure if your swimmer is ready to swim a specific stroke at a meet please contact Coach Mehrad at coachmehrad@strawberryseals.com.  

Non-Verified Qualifying Times Accepted

The qualifying times for this meet are advisory and will not be verified.  Swimmers without times or swimmers using Marin Swim League times will be permitted to enter the meet despite without verified qualifying times.  Swimmers without established times must make up entry times as "no time" entries will not be accepted.  The made up time must be equal to or faster than the qualifying time for the event.


This meet will feature scored relay events.  Relays are the most exciting events that the sport has to offer.  Unfortunately relay events are rare at USA Swimming meets.  We would like to field as many teams as possible to give our swimmers this fun experience.  In order to qualify for the relay events a team must have four swimmers in the same age group (i.e. four 8 and under girls, four 9-10 boys, etc...).  In order to have enough swimmers to qualify for relay events we will need excellent attendance.