SOAR Winter Classic - LCQ

February 17, 2018 - February 18, 2018
February 17, 2018


Sun Oaks Aquatic Racing Team

SOAR Winter Classic - Last Chance Qualifier

February 17-18, 2017

Age Group Open 

$4.00 entry fee

$10.00 Splash fee

Meet Information from the Meet Director:

Sun Oaks Fitness and Tennis will open at 7:30 AM on both Saturday and Sunday.  

NOTE: The Club does not open before 7:30 AM, so no one will be let in until that time.   

Warm-ups begin at 8 AM.

Please use the front entrance (see map) to enter the club.  

Non-members of Sun Oaks Fitness and Tennis will need to sign in at the front desk. 

The rest rooms located next to the pool will be for swimmers only.  

There is a family restroom in the building next to the pool if a swimmer needs assistance. 

Main locker rooms with rest rooms will be available for parents and spectators.

See map for these locations.

Pop-ups are allowed on the basketball courts and in the grass areas as marked on the map.  

There will also be seating for spectators on the north side of the pool as marked on the map. 

Due to the size of the meet, we will be using 5 lanes for competition with 1 lane available for continuous warm-up/warm down.  We will be taking breaks within the session and open the entire pool for warm-up/warm down. 

Deck Entries will be accepted.  

Contact the Clerk of Course (Lisa Kalsbeek) at for more information.

Deck Entries are $10 per entry with the $10 splash fee as per the attached meet sheet.

All times will be posted prior to Junior Olympics opening for entries.

Snacks, drinks and smoothies will be available in the main building during the meet.

Timers and Officials required as shown below.  MORE officials are always welcome.


Steve Lazaraton

Meet Director