NCSA Junior Nationals

Mar 13, 2018 - Mar 17, 2018
January, 26 2018
Elite,Gold ([* ALL Locations *])


This is our Short Course Championship Meet for qualified athletes in the Elite Group.  Athletes will miss one week of school and set up a directed study contract with their school.  We will depart for Orlando, FL on March 11 and return to Fresno on Sunday, March 18. We are staying at the Allure Resort connected to the Orlando YMCA Aquatics Center.  Atheletes will have a lot of time to take care of school work on Monday and Tuesday.  In addition, they can return to the hotel immediately after their preliminary swims to take care of school work.  All athletes must attend finals and support teammates.  

Funding - $600 from the Booster Club plus the appropriate level of funding from the LSC.  

We have already reserved flights and guaranteed our spot in the meet.  We paid a deposit for 15 athletes.  Our ticketing deadline is in mid January, so we have to habe firm committments as soon as possible.  Any athlete that backs out of the meet after airline tickets have been purchased, must pay for the airline ticket without Booster Club or LSC Financial support.  We will charge a $200 deposit for this trip on February 1.  

The meet information is available on the event page if you need to see time standards or the event format.