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TWST MLK Holiday Weekend Meet

Jan 12, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Jan 14, 2018 (02:00 AM)
December, 26 2017
January 11, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


WHAT:  TWST MLK Holiday Weekend Meet

WHEN: January 12-14th 2018

WHERE: CISD Natatorium, 19133 David Memorial Drive, Shenandoah TX 77385.

WHO: This meet is open to all TWST swimmers who meet the eligibility requirements as follows:  12 & Under swimmers must have three (3) 11-12 yr old BB 2017-20 National Age Group Motivational Time Standards to enter the meet.  Swimmers must have specific qualifying times for the 500 FR, 200 FL, 200 BK and 200 BR.

13-14 yr old swimmers must have three (3) 13-14 BB 2-17-20 National Age group Motivational Time Standards to enter.  Once entered, they can swim any event 200 yds are less.  Swimmers must have the qualifying times to swim Friday's events (13-14 BB times by event for the 400 IM, 500 FR and 1000 FR).

Swimmers aged 15 & Over must have three (3) BB times to enter.  No qualifying times needed for events 200 yds or less.  Swimmers must have the BB ime in the 400 IM, 500 FR and 1000 FR and the qualifying times  to swim Friday's events.

MEET SCHEDULE: This is a prelims/finals meet for all ages.  15 & Up swimmers will swim A/B/C finals.  13-14 swimmers will have an A/B final.  Swimmers aged 12 & Under will swim A/B finals.  All of Friday's events are timed finals.

Friday:  4:30pm warmup with a 5:30pm meet start.

Saturday/Sunday Prelims:  7:30am warmup with a 9am meet start both days.

Saturday / Sunday Finals:  4pm warmup with a 5pm meet start both days.

MORE INFO: This is a pre-seeded meet for individual events 200 yards or less. Positive check-in is only required for Friday’s events. Friday’s positive check-in will close 45 minutes prior to the session start.  Athletes who do not perform positive check-in for Friday’s events will be scratched from those events.

All heats will swim fastest to slowest in prelims and slowest to fastest in finals.  On-deck entries will be added to empty lanes and heats as timeline permits.

Swimmers may swim in up to two (2) events on Friday and up to three (3) events each day on Saturday and Sunday.  Entries are $9 per event and there is an $8 per swimmer surcharge which will include a free electronic heat sheet.

FINALS AND SCRATCHING: Any finalist who fails to compete in finals or consolation finals, or any other bonus final heat, for which he has qualified and failed to scratch with the Clerk of Course prior to the scratch deadline, shall be banned from further competition in the meet in  accordance with the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and will be assessed a fine of $50.00.

In a Prelim/Final meet, the finalists and alternates for finals shall be announced and shall have thirty (30) minutes after the announcement to scratch from finals. Any  qualified swimmer in the event (a swimmer is qualified for finals or consolation finals or any other bonus finals if he has successfully completed the event in Prelims) may be  moved into finals due to scratches, therefore all swimmers who will not be present at  finals must scratch to avoid a possible suspension from the meet and a fine of $50.00.  Thirty (30) minutes after the announcement, no further scratches shall be accepted, the existing scratches will be tabulated and the finalists and two (2) alternates for the event shall be set.  

Only the finalists set at this point may be subject to the above fines and banishment from competition, even though any qualified swimmer may be moved into  finals. The  alternates, after the existing scratches are tabulated, will not be penalized if they are unavailable to compete in finals.  

DEADLINE TO UNCOMMIT / REVIEW EVENTS:  All eligible swimmers have been committed to this meet.  Swimmers will have until Tuesday, December 26th to uncommit from this meet.  At that time, coaches will do entries for the swimmers and they will have until Monday Jan. 1st to review their events.  Once the review period closes, the meet file will be built and sent to the meet hosts and all swimmers entered in the meet will be billed accordingly, regardless of actual meet attendance.