Eastern Commitee BR Championship @ Drop Zone

Feb 16, 2018 - Feb 18, 2018
February 4, 2018
February 15, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Team points meet.

This is a required meet for any swimmers on the team that have a red time or better. By signing up for this meet you are also commiting to being on relays. Relay teams will be chosen at coaches discretion and will be faster first times based. Note that  top 16 for 13&Over swimmers from perlims will come back for finals in the evening; swimmers in these age groups cannot scratch finals if thye make it.

Entry Limit: A swimmer may swim no more than THREE (3) individual events per day and no more than six total individual events for the meet.

Sponsored By: MESA & Eastern Committee
Date of Meet: February 16-18, 2018

POOL: The Drop Zone Water Park, 2165 Trumble Rd., Perris, CA 92585

Meet Warm Up Times:

Friday, for all those competing you need to be at the pool ready to get in the water for warm ups by 4pm, unless you’ve confirmed a later time based on your event time with Coach Tripp. 

11-12, 13 & over prelim warm ups for Saturday and Sunday are at 7am.  Meet starts at 8:30am.  

5-8 & 7-10 year old timed finals warm ups for Saturday and Sunday. Please be at the pool by 1:30pm. This decision is based on the estimated timeline that was sent out.  This will allow us adequate time to meet as a team and be ready to get in for warm ups once the 11-12 & 13 & over prelim session is completed.

11-12, 13 & over finals sessions will begin no sooner than 45 minutes after the completion of the 5-8 & 7-10 year old timed finals each day. 

Relay Scenario's 

We've made a few additional changes to relays based on the information some of you have shared.  Updated relay scenario's are attached to this email.  We want to be proactive in communicating with you regarding these relays for your planning.

Get Psyched Up!

Attached are the Psych Sheets for the meet this weekend. 


Swimwear must conform to USA Swimming Rule 102.8. Only swimsuits complying with FINA swimsuit specifications may be worn in any USA Swimming sanctioned or approved competition. “Tech” suits are not permitted at this meet.