2018 Tidalwaves' Time Trials

Apr 28, 2018 (10:30 AM) - Apr 28, 2018 (02:00 PM)
April, 25 2018


WARM-UPS BEGIN at 10:00 am, MEET BEGINS at 10:30 am

Time Trials is the first meet of the season!!  The purpose of Time Trials is for each swimmer to record their beginning of the season time in as many individual events as they can swim legally.  These times will become the swimmers' "Seed Times" for the dual meets against the other teams of the MSL which start the following week.  The seed times are used by the computer to put the swimmers in heats, or races, of similar times.

Here is the important check-in information for swimmers and volunteers:

  • Warm-ups begin at 10:00 am.
  • Swimmers should check in with their Age Group Coordinators starting at 9:40am.
  • Team gear will be on sale throughout the meet.
  • Don't forget that our Snack Bar is a huge fund raiser for our team!  Eat up and enjoy all the new menu items this year!
  • Check in for your 1st half volunteer job at 10:00am.  Check in desk will be in front of the gym, close to where the Age Group Coordinators are checking kids in for their events.
  • Check in for your 2nd half volunteer job at the conclusion of the backstroke, we cannot guarantee the time of the second half, so please listen closely for the announcements--our best guess is roughly 12:00pm.

For time trials, each swimmer may swim up to 5 individual events.  There are no relays at time trials.  Most new 8 & Unders will swim only Free and Back until late in the season.

Tadpoles are NOT eligible to swim in the meets and will be deleted from the meet entries file.