May 14, 2018 (03:45 PM) - May 14, 2018 (06:45 PM)
May, 14 2018


Swim, Swim, Swim for your team!  Let your friends and family know about our fantastic team and all the things WE want to do to make it even better!  Ever wonder how much money you could make (uhh, for your team, that is...) if people would pay you to swim your laps?? This is the day to find out.  A fun way for the kids to work for their TEAM and get a great workout too! Prizes given to those who collect the most money for their TEAM, and everyone who swims has an equal chance to win one of the many raffle prizes awarded during the event.  How many laps can you swim?

Swimmers will be swimming a GOAL number of laps or the full duration of their practice time.  Here are the goals by practice group:

Practice Group Lap Goal
8 & Under Blue 30 Laps
8 & Under Gold 40 Laps
9-10 Blue 40 Laps
9-10 Gold 50 Laps
11 & Up 60 - 100 Laps

It will be such a terrific site to watch!  We will have all 16 lanes swimming and we will be looking for parents, siblings and other swimmers to help count laps!  The more the merrier! 

We are often asked what the 'fair share' amount is that each swimmer should raise.  Good question!  The answer is without the Lap-a-thon Tidalwaves would need to raise its registration fees by roughly $50/child.  Please help your swimmers raise money for the team, even if they can't make the Lap-a-thon FUN on May 14th.