PCST Swim-A-Thon Fundraiser

Apr 14, 2018 (03:00 AM)
April, 13 2018



When: Saturday April 14, 2018

What is a Swim-A-Thon?
The 2018 PCST Swim-A-Thon is here!  This event has become the highlight event of the year for the Tsunamis with lots of fun and prizes!  The Swim-A-Thon is a program of USA Swimming in which swim clubs across the country raise money for their organization and the sport of swimming.  To ensure the strength and growth of the local swimming program, the Swim-A-Thon ensures that PCST will retain at least 95% of the monies collected from the 2018 event.  These funds will help us ensure we can afford to utilize the best facilities in the area, grow our professional coaching staff, purchase necessary swim equipment, and expand our program to truly offer a full aquatic presence in Bay County.

How Does It Work?
From now until April 13, swimmers will collect pledges from family, friends, neighbors, etc…  The pledges will mostly be made as a total pledge (i.e. $10.00) but they may also be made as a pledge per lap (i.e. $0.05 per lap).  Members will be able to solicit pledges from friends and family online via the team website!  On April 8, swimmers will have 2 hours to complete up to 200 laps.

Collecting Pledges
There are two ways to collect pledges this year!  First, we will be able to solicit pledges on the team website via TeamUnify’s TUMoney platform.  This will make collecting pledges as easy as a click of the mouse.  You will be able to import your e-mail address book into the program and easily contact hundreds of friends and family to help with your swimmer’s collection efforts.  Pledges made by donors will automatically be reflected in your swimmer’s name.  Additional pledges may be collected in person and will be added to the online total on April 14.  Any pledges that need to be collected after the event must be done so within one week of the event and returned to Coach Brian Haddad at swim practice.  In person pledges must be returned with the official Swim-A-Thon envelope and supplemental pledge sheet included in this packet.

How Can I Help If I Cannot Attend The Swim-A-Thon Event?
It is inevitable that we will have some swimmers who will not be able to attend the event.  However, if we are to make this a truly spectacular event, we will need the help of all of our members.  While you may not be able to attend the Swim-A-Thon itself, you can be instrumental in helping the team.  We are asking any family that is unable to attend to please make a donation that will help us to offset the costs of running the event.  Examples would be a $50.00 donation towards purchase of items for the picnic, or five $10.00 gift cards to be included in the raffle, etc…  We would much rather your swimmer be at the Swim-A-Thon, but if that is not possible these donations will prove critical in our ability to make this a great event.  Please turn these donations into Coach Brian Haddad by April 10 at swim practice (include the donations in an envelope with your family’s name or we can bill your account).



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