EGP v. Glen Oaks Sealions (Conference Meet @ Glen Oaks)

Jun 9, 2018 (06:00 AM) - Jun 9, 2018 (02:00 PM)
June 9, 2018
June 8, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Conference swim meet against:

Glen Oaks Swim and Tennis Club

4301 Paradise Drive, Carmichael, CA 95608

Map Link

Glen Oaks Website

If you will miss the meet, do not forget to sign the Miss-A-Meet Binder!

Volunteers, please sign up no later than June 8, 2018.


NCSL RegistrationIf you have not registered your swimmer, and they are swimming in this meet, they must be registered with the league by Thursday night, June 7th in order to compete.  Follow the directions on the league website.  If you completed the registration correctly you will be charged $15.00 per swimmer and it will say pending approval. 

Glen Oaks Sea Lions at Glen Oaks

This Saturday, June 9th we swim against the Glen Oaks Sea Lions at the Glen Oaks Swim and Tennis Club at 4301 Paradise Drive, Carmichael, Ca.  This is our 2nd conference meet of the season and we need to be ready to RACE! 


NO parking in their lot.  Parking is on the streets in the residential neighborhoods.  Do not block drive ways or handicap walk ways.  Police will be out ticketing. 

Meet set-up

Meet set-up will be on Saturday, June 9th beginning at 6:30am, no earlier.  Our team area is on the grass area to the right as you walk in and spills over onto the playground area below the hill, and also includes the area by the baby pool.  We will be setting up all of the team tents on the areas closest to the pool first.  Personal tents may be set up once the team area is set up, not before.  Please help keep your swimmers from playing basketball or playing on the playground until the conclusion of the meet.     


Check-in is from 630-7am.  If your swimmer is not checked in by 7am, they will be scratched from the Meet.   So please have someone you can call to check them in if you are running behind or get lost.  Check-in tables will be by the team area.  If you do not see your swimmer on the check in list, please let Coach Brenda know ASAP!  If you are not attending this Saturday’s meet you need to sign the MISS-A-MEET Binder asap.


Warm-ups will run as follows:

7:30-7:40am—11/12 boys and girls

7:40-7:50am—9/10 boys and girls

7:50-7:55am—6 and unders and 7/8’s

7:55-8:05am—15-18 men and 13/14 boys

8:05-8:15am—15-18 women and 13/14 girls

Team cheer

Team cheer at 8:20am by the team area.

Meet will begin at approximately 8:30am.


Please plan accordingly for the weather—cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Bring towels, warm clothes, parkas, blankets and or sleeping bags etc.  Bring items to play with in the tent areas. Swimmers are reminded that they need to relax between races, not run around and or play on the playground or basketball court.  All basketballs will be confiscated and will be returned to their rightful owners at the end of the meet.  For more info on what to bring to a meet go to our website and click on “A Swim Meet” and “Tips from a Team Parent”.

Be sure to hydrate and eat lightly throughout the day.  Nutritious snacks and drinks preferred.  Glen Oaks will have a snack bar available as well.

Glen Oaks restroom area is quite small, so please plan ahead so our swimmers do not miss their races. 

We had quite a few swimmers paged throughout the meet to their race.  This is not normal protocol, so swimmers must be ready to go so they do not miss their races.  Have them to the team parent early. 

We will likely do flyovers like we did at the meet against Rio.  Flyovers will not be done during relays, backstroke events and only for age groups 9/10 and older.


Remember swimmers and families to continue showing great sportsmanship and respect not only to one another on our team but extend it to all of the teams we compete against.  We also ask that we respect all away facilities as if it is our own.

Meet Take Down

Parents, when the meet is over, we realize everyone wants to go home.  However, we really need help, a little help from all families cleaning up and putting everything away.  If you are able to help, it will be greatly appreciated even if it is a couple pieces of equipment per family. Many hands make light work!

Starts, Turns, and Finishes Clinics

We still have room in our Starts, Turns, and Finishes clinics!  The next one is backstroke on Sunday, June 10th.  Please register online through our website.  Parents interested in the Masters clinic, in order to register you need to log in and add yourself as a member.


Swimmers, we only have 34 practices left (as of Monday, June 4) until Championships!  Everything you do will play a role in how you swim.  Laziness at practice, poor technique, poor nutrition, lack of sleep will take its toll on how you perform.  Work on your weaknesses to see the results you want.  Focus, visualize swimming well and leave each practice knowing you could not give or do anymore! 

Remember, if you “Dream It!” and you “Believe It!” you can “Achieve It!”  But it does take hard work, focus and NO self-doubt, at every practice!

Team Cheer

Hey, yo, other fish
Listen up and get dished.
This is how we get around,
So listen up or hit the ground.
Piranhas fight.
Piranhas win.
Piranahas kick some serious fin.
Piranhas show their gruesome teeth,
And you may never be released.
Goooooooo... Piranhas!!!!

GO Piranhas!