Y SCY National Chamionship TIME TRIAL

April 3, 2018 - April 6, 2018
March 19, 2018



2018 YMCA Short Course Nationals  TIME TRIALS

Time Trial Time Standard Qualifications:

FORMAT AND FEE: Time Trials are open only to athletes entered in the Championship meet. The Time Trial Sessions will begin approximately 30 minutes after the Prelims. Each athlete is allowed to enter a total of four (4) Time Trials events for the meet. Any athlete entering Time Trials must have met the Time Trials Standard. The Time Trial event fee is $20 per event entered.

An athlete may only swim the stroke being contested in a Time Trials event, e.g. an athlete may not swim backstroke in a breaststroke event in Time Trials.

Once an athlete is entered into Time Trials and the fees paid, there is no refund of the fees if the athlete decides to scratch from the Time Trials event.

TIME TRIAL LIMITS: The number of Time Trial entries will be limited so that the Time Trial session will be complete by 2:30 PM each day. Should weather or other exceptional circumstances delay Time Trials, we reserve the right to terminate the time trial session if it will run past 2:30 PM. This is necessary to ensure an orderly transition to the evening Finals Session.

The 1650 free and 1000 Free Time Trials will be limited to 2 heats of 8 entries per gender. A swimmer is not limited to one-time trial per day. Note: USA-S rules limit the total number of individual event swims (Rule reference 102.2.2 and 102.2.7.

• A swimmer may swim no more than 3 individual events per day in a Prelims/Finals meet

• Time trial events must count as a part of this daily total.

TIME TRIAL ENTRIES: Time Trials may be entered On-line prior to the meet or during the meet. On-line entry for Time Trials is under a separate meet entry from the Championship meet entry.

Online Meet Entry is encouraged and will be given priority in the event of time restrictions. For on-line entry, the Time Trials event list is separate from the regular meet. Payment for all On-Line entered Time Trial entries must be made at Team Check-in or prepaid via the On-line Payment system (if the Time Trial entries were made prior to the Championship Entry Deadline)

For entry during the meet, individual and team entry forms will be available at the HELP Desk or the Time Trial Desk. Completion of these forms in advance will save time for the coach and the Time Trial desk. Payment for Time Trial entries made during the meet can be made at the Time Trial Desk with cash and/or check. Make checks payable to: YMCA of the USA-2017 Short Course.


SCRATCHING FROM TIME TRIALS: If you know a previously entered athlete will not compete in a Time Trials, please inform the Time Trials Desk prior to 10 AM on the day of the Time Trials. While there will be no refund, your effort to remove the athlete prior to seeding will increase the efficiency of the Time Trials and our ability to accommodate all athletes who wish to compete.

TIME TRIAL PROCEDURE: Each morning after Time Trial entries have been closed the psych sheet for that days’ Time Trials will be posted. An announcement will then be made by the announcer asking coaches to review their Time Trial entries for the day.

Coaches should review the psych sheet to insure their entries are correct. If they find any errors, they should report them promptly to the Time Trials Desk. Approximately 30 minutes after the posting of the psych sheet, the Time Trials Desk will stop taking updates and begin the seeding process for the Time Trials.

If an error is discovered after Time Trials have been seeded, an athlete will only be entered into an event if there is an empty lane. It is incumbent upon the coach to find and report errors during the review period in order to ensure their athletes get in their desired events with correct seeding.

RESULTS: Championship results and Time Trials will be posted on Meet Mobile as two completely separate meets.