2018 Summer Minnesota Regional Championships

July 20, 2018 - July 22, 2018
July 20, 2018


2018 Summer Minnesota Regional Championships

Hosted by: The Mankato Swim Club

Swimmers may enter into events in which they have earned a minimum of a B time but not yet earned a Champ time. 

LOCATION: Tourtellotte Pool300 W Mabel St, Mankato, MN 56001

Time Schedule:

Friday afternoon session – Warm-ups at 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM meet starts at 3:00 PM.

Saturday and Sunday Morning sessions: Warm-ups start at 7:00 AM to 8:15 AM, meet starts at 8:30 AM.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions will not start before 11:30 AM preceded by a minimum of a 60-minute warm-up period, and a 10-minute break for a coaches meeting.

Entry Limitations: Age of a swimmer is determined by their age on the first day of the meet. There is a meet maximum of seven (7) individual championship events. Daily maximum of four (4) individual championship events. A total daily maximum of five (5) individual events (championship and time trial). Relays do not count against individual maximums. All entries must be verifiable from January 1, 2017 to present. 

Nonconforming time entries: All non-conforming qualifying times MUST be entered as non-conforming. Converted times must not be used.

“CH” Time is a “CH” Time: Swimmers who have achieved a “CH” time in either yards or meters CANNOT swim that event at the Minnesota Regional Championship. MSI Legislation states that swimmers with “CH” times must enter with the time they have, (meters or yards), for the State Meet and cannot use Minnesota Regional Championships as an opportunity to improve their qualifying time.


Individual Events: 1st - 8th place medals. Certificates will be issued for new “CH” and “A” times. Awards will be given out to athletes 30 minutes after the posting of the final results, barring complications with the results. 

Relay Events: 1st - 8th place medals.

Individual Hi-Point Certificates: Top 3 swimmers in each age group/gender.

8&U that includes points earned in 8&U and 10&U events

9-10 that includes points earned in 9-10 and 10&U events

11-12 that includes points earned in11-12 events

13-14 that includes points earned in 13-14 and 13&O events

15-16 that includes points earned in 15&0 and 13&0 events

17&O that includes points earned in 15&O and 13&O events

Team Hi-Point Banners: 1st place team in A, AA & AAA Divisions. 

Programs: Programs will be on sale during the meet

Amenities: Pool is located in Tourtellotte Park which allows plentiful camping. Concessions will be available. Elsmore Swim Shop and Fine Designs Clothing will be onsite all weekend. 

Hotel Information: Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham 200 St. Andrews Drive - Mankato, MN 56001 Call directly at (507) 388-2818 and ask for the MRC 2018 group.

Communication of updates for Inclement weather during the meet: In case of inclement weather or emergency, per facility rules, all athletes and families will be required to leave the facility since there is insufficient space to shelter all athletes and families. Families and clubs will be kept updated throughout the meet through social media and on the Mantas website. Additional information will be provided to all clubs closer to the meet date. 

Distance Events: 

400 IM, 400 Free, 800 Free, & 1500 Freestyle: These events will be deck seeded upon completion of the positive check-in. Positive check-in is required by the time stated at the coaches meeting at the timing table.

400 Freestyle, 800 Freestyle and the 1500 Freestyle heats will be swum fastest to slowest, all age groups (within the session) combined, genders alternating separated for score/awards by age group offered at the meet (per legislation dated June 17, 2008).

The 400 IM heats will be swum slowest to fastest, all age groups (within the session combined, genders alternating separated for score/awards by age group offered at the meet (per legislation updated January 15, 2013).

Minnesota Scratch rules will be in effect. Teams must provide their own timers for all distance events.

Aging up: Qualifying criterion for regional championship swimmers who age-up July 16 – July 20, 2018

Swimmers are allowed to swim the events from their old age group in which they had “B” time(s), in their new age group, provided:

They are either 8 becoming 9, or 10 becoming 11 or 12 becoming 13 or 14 becoming 15.

They have B time(s) in their old age group before the Minnesota Achievement Championships (July 14, 2018) “B” times made for the younger age group at Minnesota Achievement Championships may not be entered in the Minnesota Regional Championships under this provision.

This affects only those events in which a swimmer had B times for Minnesota Achievement Championships (old age group) and do not now have “B” times (new age group). Swimmers being entered under this new criterion must note this on the hard copy of the entry sheet.

All seed times must be in either long course meters (seeded first) or short course meters (seeded next), short course yards (seeded last). They would be entered at the current B time standard for each event in their new age group for the events they had a B time and would be eligible to receive awards.

Relay eligibility is based on the regional championship criteria for that relay type in their new age group.

Time Trials: Time trials will be offered, time permitting at the discretion of the meet referee. Time trials are open only to swimmers in the meet. Time trials count toward a swimmer’s daily entry limit (but not against their overall individual championship event total for the meet -See Entry Limitations). Sign up will be at the Admin/Meet Management table. There will be a cost of $10.00 per time trial event. A 10 minute warm-up for time trials will be allowed as time permits at the discretion of the meet referee. Time trial swimmers are required to supply their own timer. Any time trial must be submitted by the athlete’s coach.