2018 SC DQ Free Snake Mini Meet-Sponsored by College Hill Dental

February 1, 2018
January 11, 2018
Snake 1,Snake 2,Snake 3,Snake 4,Snake 5,Snake 6,Snake 7 (Snake)


Snake swimmers should choose 3 events. Swimmers that do all their races with out getting DQ's will get a trophie at the end of the meet. All swimmers will also get stroke imporvement tags and ribbons with their heat place and time on them the day after the meet.  Swimmers should arive at the pool no later than 3:30. Meet will be done by 5:30.  Swimmers with mor emeet experience should choose challenging events. At the end of the meet all swimmers will get chocolate chip cookies.  This meet is great low pressure swim meet experience. All snake swimmers shoudl attend.