IV Conference Meet

Feb 18, 2018 (02:00 AM)
February 8, 2018


*Update 2/16- the meet timeline is below- this is pre-scratch. Also- there is a high possibility we will run the meet using 6 lanes rather than 8 to give more time between events so those swimmers attempting regional cuts will have more rest between races. If this is the case the morning session will end closer to 12 rather than 11:15. 

This is the final meet of the season for all swimmers who haven't acheieved regional cuts. This is a last chance meet! We strongly encourage participation from all members! This meet is hosted by Express Swim Team in Downers Grove. 

We are required to provide 4 timers per session, please let us know if you're avaiable to help!- I'll update the chart below...

AM Session Timers PM Session Timers
Jill Flaherty Bryn Wulf
Marci Smith  
Jamie Reid  
Amy Janowiak  


  Sunday AM Sunday PM Time Trials
Age Group 9-10, 11-12 8 & U, 13 & O ALL/Open
Warm Up 7:15AM Noon After PM session
Positive Check In 7:35AM 12:20PM After PM 
Meet Start 8:30AM 1:00PM 15 min after PM



Time Trial Events:

101 Mixed 200 Freestyle

102 Mixed 200 Backstroke

103 Mixed 400 IM
104 Mixed 200 Breast

105 Mixed 200 Fly

106 Mixed 500 Free