Time Trials

May 19, 2018
May 16, 2018
May 18, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


Time Trials

The meet will start at 9AM and will end roughly around noon. The kids have been working pretty hard the last few weeks and the coaching staff is excited to see how the kids look in a race setting.

1) Warm-ups: Since we are the only team that’s going to be at the pool tomorrow, warm-up times are as follows:

8:10-8:25  9-10’s

8:25-8:40  11 and ups

8:40-8:50  8 and unders

Warm-ups are used in order to get the swimmers used to the pool, the blocks, the flags, and the walls. It is important that they are on time for their scheduled warm-up.

2) Be sure the swimmers dress in layers. Bring a few towels for each swimmer. Also bring plenty of water and healthy snacks for the kids.

3) For parents of 8 and unders, there will be 8 and under shepherds. When the kids hear the cowbell(never enough cowbell), the 8 and unders are to go to the green mat next to the lifeguard shack. The shepherds will then take the 8 and unders to their lanes. It can get crowded behind the 8 and under blocks, unless you are a shepherd, please watch from the side of the pool or be ready with a warm towel at the other side of the pool.

4) 9 and ups are responsible for getting themselves to their assigned heat and lane.

5) Heat and Lane assignments will be sent out this afternoon. Last year’s times were used to assign heats and lanes for tomorrow. Time Trials will be the only meet utilizing last year’s times.

6) For anyone missing time trials, we will get times in freestyle at the first dual meet attended. Then you may request their second stroke if you wish. The other two strokes will be made up at a following meet.