BC Finale

March 2, 2018 (04:00 PM) - March 3, 2018 (01:00 PM)
February 1, 2018
Blue Group,Gold Group,Jr. Pirates,Junior Group,Senior Group,Senior Plus Group ([* ALL Locations *])


To qualify for this meet you need at least one B time. The USA Swimming motivational times can be found on our website under team info, select time standards. 

Location: University of Utah Natatorium 270 South 1850 East 

Session  dates and times: Friday, March 2, warmups 4:00- 4:55 PM, meet starts 5:00 PM. Saturday, March 3, warmups 9:00 -9:55 AM, meet starts 10:00 AM.

Individual swimmers may enter up to SIX (6) individual events, swimming no more than THREE (3) individual events per day. No Times (NT’s) are not accepted. Swimmers with at least one (1) B qualifying time may swim up to three (3) BONUS events.

1 Q time 3 Bonus events Total 4 events

2 Q times 3 Bonus events Total 5 events

3 Q times 3 Bonus events Total 6 events

4 Q times 2 Bonus events Total 6 events

5 Q times 1 Bonus event Total 6 events

6 Q times 0 Bonus events Total 6 events

Swimmers will not be allowed to swim events they are qualified to swim at the Age Group State Championship 2018.

Surcharge per participating swimmer: $10.00 Individual Event Entry: $6.00 

Teams with more than 10 swimmers will be asked to provide timers