TEAM Summer Open

June 29, 2018 - July 1, 2018
May 13, 2018
Bronze,Gold 3 days,Gold 5 days,Silver,State (Columbia Pool,Mt. Scott,Southwest Community Center)


PAC will attend the TEAM Open with our Bronze, Silver, State, and others who did not attend Sun Country or Ted Walker or want another meet to make A times.   This meet will fill up quickly, so no late entries will be accepted.

We will get priority entry if we can get officials to commit before May13 (a list must be confirmed).  Last year teams who did not get prioority entry did not get into the meet.  Most likely PAC will need 3 or more officials. 

The number of officials required for early entry will be as follows:
0-10 swimmers…. 1 official
11-20 swimmers…. 2 officials
21+ swimmers… 3 officials

Please let Patricia Hatzikos know if you can work before May 19.

Important Note:  PAC will not compete in the PM Sessions: So, no 12U in those later events and No 13 and Overs at this meet.  Please enter Ted Walker or Howard Jones Age Group (older swimmers may enter this year).

Swimmers and Parents,

Due to the lack of interest and availability of swim meets the week before and the week after the PAC coaching staff has decided not to compete in the afternoon sessions of the TEAM Meet. 

We are sorry about the inconvenience but fortunately there is time to sign up for the Ted Walker meet or the Howard Jones age group meet (now 13 and overs may compete and there are no time standards).

Thank you,

Your PAC Coaches

Addtional infromation: 

I would also like to point out that some of the longer events (200s, 400IM, 800, and 1500) in the afternoon sessions are "open". If you have 12 & Under families/swimmers who pick their own events, please make sure they understand that these longer events are in the afternoon session, and that the afternoon session will not be governed by the 4 hour rule. It is not our intent to encourage 10 & Unders to swim in these events (we would like to discourage it), but to allow 11&12yr olds the opportunity to race in events that are currently available to them at championship meets.

If you have any questions about the meet, or about entering your team a day early, please email me or Margie as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all at the end of June!


Toni Kerr
TEAM Eugene Aquatics
Meet Director

Meet Information-New 4.12.18

PAC Entries: PAC has been accepted into the meet 5.29.18

PAC Fees (without PAC surcharge)

Psych Sheet

PAC Coaches: 

WARMUPS- Please arrive 15 minutes early


Lane Timing Assignments
Thank you for your assistance with Lane Timing. Each lane requires two timers to make a swimmer’s time legal. Lane Timing Sign-up Sheets are available at the Volunteer Check-in booth, located between the two pools at the turn end. As the hosting team, TEAM Eugene will cover lanes 6, 7, and 8 for the duration of the meet, and we are asking all other teams to cover lanes 1-5. Swimmers in the 800 and 1500 events will need to provide their own timers and lap counters.

If your team is not listed, and you hear the announcer make a call for help, please fill in when needed.

Amazon Pool 2700 Hilyard