Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics

March 1, 2018 - March 4, 2018
February 15, 2018


Please Note: Entries must be sent into Middle Atlantic before the CPSA Championship meet (2/23-25).  However if there are any new cuts accomplished at the CPSA Championship meet we can add them immediately after the meet.  But the only events we can add after the meet are the new cuts accomplished at CPSA Champs

Who: 14 year old and under LAC Swimmers who meet the qualifying times (attached to the meet page and in the Meet info)

13-14 100 IM: Please note that you must have the 200 IM qualifying time to be able to swim the 100 IM. They use the 200 IM qualifying times because it is incredibly rare for the 13-14s to swim the 100 IM to get a time. It is impossible to write this into an event file so that is why it will show up as your child is qualified even if s/he does not have the 200 IM cut

***Location:  This meet is a little tricky and they have made some minor switches from last year.  They will be using 2 pools for JO's again this year.  York YMCA (Graham Aquatic Center) and Central York HS (CYA).  I've pasted the following from the Meet info

Entry Limitations: 3 Events per day

Entry Fees: $7.25 per event + a $5 swimmer surcharge

For those attending this meet it is very important you become familiar to the Meet Info.  They have made a lot of changes to the meet this year with the location change.  The coaches will help you out with this and the most important thing is to know where you need to be each session