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March 2, 2018 (06:00 PM) - March 3, 2018 (08:00 PM)
March 2, 2018



Bahamas Swimming Federation

BSF Last Chance Meet

Betty Kelly-Kenning Aquatic Center,

Nassau Bahamas

Last Chance Meet

Friday, March 2 - 3, 2018 (Open to all swimmers)

Session 1- Friday, March 2, 2018, 6:00pm (Warm Up 4.30pm)

Session 2- Saturday, March 3, 2018, 8:30am (Warm Up 7.00am)

Session 3- Saturday, March 3, 2018 , 4:30pm (Warm Up 3.00pm)


1. All BSF Registered Swimmers as at Entry Deadline Date. Any registration after entry deadline

date will be considered a late entry and applicable penalties will apply.

2. Swimmers, whose BSF registration has expired as at entry deadline date will be ineligible to

compete in the Last Chance Meet and if renewed after entry deadline date, will be considered

a late entry and applicable penalties will apply.

3. Clubs who have not renewed their 2017 Registration or are in arrears with payments to the

BSF will be ineligible to enter swimmers into the Last Chance Meet. If renewal is completed

after entry deadline, all Club Entries will be considered late and the applicable penalties will


4. International Swimmers are eligible to compete as long as they have been duly authorized by

their Federation.



1. Deadline March 1, 2018 5pm for Last Chance Meet.

2. Hytek Electronic Files only should be forwarded to John Bradley at

Confirmation emails will be sent on receipt of all entries. Paper entries are to be delivered to

Alexis Wells or Rochelle Bastian.

3. A $100 surcharge will apply to all clubs not submitting entries using Hytek Electronic file

format. The fee will be waived for unattached swimmers only. Clubs that choose to pay the

entry penalty should submit entries using the attached entry grid.

4. No Deck Entries will be accepted.


1. Entry Fee - $4 per individual event

2. $3.00 BSF Surcharge per swimmer

3. All fees due with entries. If not sent electronically, fees must be delivered to John Bradley,

Entries will not be processed until fees are received and will be considered late if fees

received after the entry deadline.

4. No Late entries will be accepted without penalty. A $50 fee (applicable to all clubs and/or

individuals) will apply for all late entries accepted after February 26th, 2018

5. A $50 penalty will apply to all clubs and/or unattached swimmers to all changes made to

entries submitted and a further $50 penalty will apply if changes are required after the

entry deadline


1. There will be no Marshaling at this meet….

2. Swimmers who do not report to the start of their race as per existing swimming rules will

automatically be recorded as no-show.

3. Races will not be delayed for any late arriving swimmers or for swimmers entering back/back

or recently completed events.

4. Swimmers are reminded that the Meet Referee may combine races and are therefore required

to be at the starting blocks at least 3 races prior to their entered race.

5. Time Trials will only be allowed for events in the session in which the event is being swum and

will not be offered to swimmers who did not enter and swim that event in the meet. The only

exception will be if the swimmer applies to the BSF in advance of the meet, giving suitable

evidence that they are not able to attend a particular session where the event is being offered

and/or if their scheduled flight is proven to be delayed to an extent that the swimmer is not

able to reach the pool in time.

All Time Trial entries are due 30 minutes before the start of the session. Late Time Trial

Entries will not be accepted and entries will only be accepted if they are accompanied

with a $10 fee per race. Refunds for swimmers not participating in the Time Trial

will not be given.

Time Trials will not be offered for any event longer than 200 meters.

All Time Trials must be approved by the Meet Referee and/or Meet Director.


1. Swimmers not competing should not be present in any of the competition restricted areas.

2. Coaches should not enter the competition restricted areas.

3. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck.

4. Swimmers not in possession of a 2018 BSF ID Card will be required to pay entrance fees. NO



1. Over-The-Top Starts will be used for all events except backstroke, unless altered for any race

by the Referee and/or Starter.

2. This is an Open Category competition. Swimmers will be seeded according to entry times.

3. Swimmers are strongly discouraged to enter successive events unless they can compete in

these events without a supplemental rest period. Rest periods are not provided between


4. Positive check in is required for the 800 & 1500 free and also the 400 IM.

(One Hour before the session starts). Swimmers should note that these events may be

combined and swimmers who have not checked in at least one hour prior to their event will

not be allowed to swim the event.

Meet Director - John Bradley

Timers: Session 1 Mako Swim Club, SWAT, Dolphins Swim Club, LSC & SAS

Session 2 Barracudas Swim Club, GB Tritons & Abaco Swim Club

Session 3 Alpha Aquatics, Team Orca, FAC, BMA & Mantas


Friday, March 2nd

Session 1

Warm Up 4:30 PM

Start Time 6:00 PM

Event 1 800m Freestyle (mixed)

Event 2 1500m Freestyle

Events 3-4 200m Breast

Events 5-6 50m Back

Events 7-8 100m Butterfly

Saturday, March 3rd

Session 2

Warm Up 7:00 AM

Start Time 8:30 AM

Events 9-10 400m Ind Medley

Events 11-12 200m Freestyle

Events 13-14 50m Butterfly

Events 15-16 50m Breast

Events 17-18 100m Back

Events 19-20 200m Butterfly

Events 21-22 50m Freestyle

Session 3

Warm Up 3:00 PM

Start Time 4:30 PM

Events 23-24 100m Freestyle

Events 25-26 200m Ind Medley

Events 27-28 400m Freestyle

Events 29-30 100m Breast

Events 31-32 200m Back