2018 NCSA Junior Nationals

March 13, 2018 (04:00 PM) - March 17, 2018 (08:00 PM)
January 1, 2018


Location:  Orlando YMCA Aquatic Center

Address: 8422 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Dates:  March 13-17, 2018

Sign Up by: March 7, 2018 (Entries Open February 1, 2018)


Please visit our Travel Meet Page for more information - click here


Email Update (3/7/2018):


Web link:

I have moved out of OME and into Hytek… and taken a huge chunk out of the proofs.  There is a brief report on the website with the remaining proofs.  If your time(s) are not listed on this report, I don’t need them.  If you’re on the “hit list”, get on it.

If you have any changes or errors, please send them my way in a single email with all necessary details (see earlier email if you need details)…

The adjusted timelines are posted on the web for both prelims and finals.

If you have any officials traveling with you, please direct them to the officiating application form on the website, so our officiating leadership team can reach out to them… always looking for some great folks to join the crew.

That’s it for now, working on invoices tonight/tomorrow morning




Email Update (3/7/2018):



Got your entry for the 2018 NCSA Juniors… PLEASE read the whole email, before you hit reply. Also, read thru the meet info, and everything posted… help me, help you

Also, keep the athlete communication up regarding Ireland stuff… have that talk now, with parents, teachers, etc… gonna have to make quick decisions next week.

Real quick rundown:

1535 athletes (we were targeting 1525, so perfect).


PSYCH: I have put the psych sheet on the website from OME… (link above)

PROOFS: I have cleared as many of the proofs as I was able to find, plus those from the coaches that were sent to me once they checked out of OME.  If your swim(s) STILL have an asterisk, I need to see those proofs, send me an email with an attachment, a link to results, etc  NO ASTERISK = means I already have/found it… remember, needs to be a time that is not in SWIMS “YET”… if it is from a meet that wasn’t sanctioned, approved, etc.. and will never end up in SWIMS, it doesn’t count for entries. PLEASE get me proofs TODAY. 

ADDITIONAL ATHLETES/LATE ATHLETES:  I will send invoices for anything you add between now and registration (late entries, etc)… Please get those taken care of BEFORE you get to Orlando.  Reminder on what is considered a “late entry”:  #1: new qualifier #2: new cut  #3: upgrading from a bonus to a cut, allowing for an additional bonus  #4: new relay  #5: updating a time in a timed final event…. That’s it, we do not “update times” (unless one of the other criteria are met).  Email me any updates, and you will be invoiced any associated fees.  There is no Late entry OME.

EDITS/CHANGES:  I still have the meet in OME, so I can’t make any changes to your events… just working on proofs, then will move to hytek this afternoon.  I’ll send a note when I am ready to take any edits/changes/corrections… please hold off till then, getting about 500 emails a day, don’t want to be responsible for keeping track of your email until I can do something with it.

TIMELINES:  We have the finals timelines posted… HOWEVER, we just had an NCSA board meeting this morning after we had the entries in and making some tweaks… #1: based on prelims timelines, finals timelines and projected time trials, we are going to move up the start of finals to 5:30pm (from 6pm).  Also, I have the estimated/pre-scratch prelims timelines hidden (not posted in plain-sight) here: We are going to move some heats of the guys 1000 to the girls pool, as well as some heats of the 500 to get the session end times to line up a bit better (1650s are staying put). Lisa (the queen of admin) Olack has the excel file for the prelims/finals timelines on a computer that she does not have access to until this afternoon… once she sends those to me, I will revise what is on the web and send an email to everyone; but wanted your eyes on it, so you can start planning (travel, logistics, meals, etc)… please don’t distribute for now, a revision is coming in a few hours

UNCOMMITTED SENIORS: the form is posted, if you have athletes that are class of 2018 that haven’t committed, fill out the form, and we can pass along to the college coaches in attendance next week for recruiting

EMAIL COMMUNICATION:  when dealing with edits/changes/check-ins/etc… PLEASE BE DESCRIPTIVE AND SPECIFIC in your email… when I’m on my phone, or in an airport, I need ALL OF THE DETAILS.  If you want to add an event, I need EVERYTHING (swimmer name, event, time, proof, etc); This is an exact transcript from an email exchange from last year (that prompted another email similar to this one)… in addition to the 500 emails a day; see if you can pick out where this coach went wrong in this string of 5 emails:

Coach X: “can I add a girl in an event?”
Kevin: yes, we’ll make it work, which girl and which event/time/proof?
Coach X: “Julie in the 100 fly”
Kevin: Can you send me the time/proof of time?
Coach X: “it’s in SWIMS”
Kevin: (head bruised from impact with desk), CAN YOU SEND ME THE TIME AND THE PROOF?
Coach X: “oh, here it is attached…
Kevin: Done, she is now added, you can pay the entry fee at registration
Coach X: also, can I add a bonus entry in the 50 Breast for her even though she has never swam it? I mean, it’s a bonus, so It doesn’t really matter”
Kevin: (at this point considering my life choices)…NO

Okay… enough of that. We want to make this a painless “coach friendly / athlete centered” and doing everything we can… but we can’t say YES to everything… Help Me, Help you

Thanks, more coming later today… stay tuned



Email Update (3/5/2018):


Well… we are about 24 hours out from the entry deadline for NCSA Juniors.... ran our senior champs for the last 4 days, so my filter is long gone, so bear with me 

A couple of updates and reminders… most of which are “don’t be that guy/gal”  Help a guy out, use good OME/entry karma…  read thru this and do your best to get it done… so help you if you call with 15 mins till the deadline saying you have a problem, and I know you didn’t start until 20 mins before the deadline (it’s like telling dentist and saying you floss every knight, when you don’t … they know, but they put on a happy face anyway, because they know you’re full of crap)

#1: Get it done on time… every year I have to hunt down 2-3 teams that didn’t check out. Please double-check.  If you didn’t get an “entry confirmation” email from USA Swimming, you didn’t check out. PERIOD. Email that confirmation to your kids, if it's not on that email, it's not in OME, just becuase you picked an event in teamunify, doesn't mean it made it into OME... also, remember, if you did your entry last week and checked out (or even if you didn't) OME does not automatically update your times... you have to do that. 

#2: Deck Passes… don’t skip that step.  If you already checked out, look at your entry confirmation email and make sure you have your deck passes on there, it’s a huge help to us with planning to know how many coaches (heat sheets to print, mouths to feed, etc).  Don’t put your “team support” or “chaperone” parents in for deck passes, no coaching certs, no deck passes.  They can meet up with your teams and order dinner from the athlete village outside.

#3: Proof of times… Please, send them my way AFTER you check out. Please don’t make me hunt you down.  Remember, we do overrides for times that are not in the SWIMS database YET.  Send me an email with your proofs attached, and we’ll get them cleared… I really want them cleared off before we all get into meets this coming weekend (mid-day Thursday goal?)

#4: Pre-Meet Warmup times… warmup times are posted on the web for Sunday/Monday.  The facility is great to work with, but they have programming and members too… PLEASE RESPECT THE TIMES WE HAVE LISTED ON THE WEBSITE.  Don’t be a schmuck and show up whenever, and just get in the pool.  We all have scheduled practice times for each of our our programs at home; how would you react if a bunch of random teams just show up whenever and expect to be accommodated… this is what we have to work with, pretty much the same schedule we have every year, i publish it, and teams still show up whenver, get in whatever lanes they want, ignore programming and members, and the facility guys look at me like i didn't tell you.. . Don’t be that guy/gal.

#4: Ireland Athlete Application:  have the discussion with your athletes, we’re on a tight window, make plans now if they are going to commit, get them filling out the form, we have had a great response so far from athletes, but don't want kids missing out on the opportunity becuase their coach forgot to let them know what was up.

#5: Email addresses: plug them into OME when you’re doing entries if you have assistant coaches that need to be in the loop, communication is key… if you can’t read emails from your flip phone, plug in the email address of your assistant who can get you caught up.

#6: more coming , this is the big stuff for now… (Ireland stuff, uncommitted seniors list,etc  etc all coming in about 36 hours)

Thanks all...