NTG Spring Break Trip to Miami

March 25, 2018 - March 31, 2018
February 7, 2018



2018 Occoquan Swimming

Miami Training Camp

March 25-March 31


We are in the final planning stages of our 2018 spring break training trip.  I plan on us going to Miami, Florida, and the only information I need to make final arrangements is exactly who will be attending.  At this point we anticipate all NTG swimmers attending; however, if there are less than 30 swimmers that commit, we will open the option to select pre-national swimmers.  We will have access to a 50-meter outdoor facility throughout our stay as well as weight training and Dryland facilities as needed.  We will be leaving the day after we return from Junior Nationals, so be prepared for a short turn around.    


Purpose of Trip

Swimming is a tough sport with a lot of challenges that make gritty athletes.  We are preparing a weeklong training camp in warm Miami during the PWC schools spring break.  There are a few variables yet to be worked out; however, the purpose of the trip is focused on the team training to prepare for the summer Long Course season with some fun adventures mixed in to offer a little deserved break for these hard-working kids.


Swimmers not attending this camp will need to continue to train throughout the week; however, practices will need to be done on your own as we do not have regular practice time during spring break. I hope to prepare time for those not attending to meet together to work out.


Also, some of the fondest memories your athletes will have of their time with Occoquan Swimming will come from these weeks. It’s an invaluable time of team building and bonding with friends. We are doing everything we can to keep costs to a minimum, so please consider this a priority of the season.



There will be one or two long course meter practices each day of the camp, plus weight training/ dryland workouts a couple of times throughout the week.  There will also be some team activities and play days mixed into the training requirements. We’re hoping to partner with a local charity so that the swimmers can give back to the community at least twice. Swimmers will be required to stay with the team throughout the weekend. This is a team event and no swimmer will be allowed to be away from the team unless they are checked out by their own parent.  An exact schedule and travel documents will be available a few weeks prior to departing.  All swimmers attending will be expected to take part in all of the training programs and other team sessions throughout the week. 


            Sunday, March 25

                        Depart from BWI airport           Time TBD  

                        Arrive Miami                           Time TBD

            Monday, March 26 – Friday March 30

                        Training Camp (exact schedule TBD)

One or two training sessions per day with outside activities planned daily

            Saturday, March 31

                        Depart from Miami                   Time TBD

                        Arrive Dulles Airport                Time TBD


Chaperones & Parent Travel

Coaches and chaperones will be determined later.  Depending on the needs with supervision, food, and transportation, a request to chaperons will be made after finalizing the coaching staff needs for the number of kids participating. All team travel expectations and policies will be adhered to throughout the trip.  


Part of the experience of a team travel trip like this is to teach the swimmers how to adapt to a new environment with a team.  Learning how to cope with being away from home can help tremendously as your swimmer looks to go away to college or take on new adventures in their life. 


Housing & Food

We have several options for housing that will be determined by the number of athletes attending (so please let me know asap if your swimmers will attend). The first choice is to have two houses; one for the boys and one for the girls.  Each home will be split based on the final commitments that are made.  Meals will be prepared at the homes and/or purchased on site at the training center.  There will also be meals that each swimmer will be responsible for while on our off-site activities.


Ground Transportation

We will be renting vans for the bulk of the transportation. We will have enough coaches and chaperones to staff the vans.



The airfare will be the biggest variable since it will depend on when the tickets are purchased.  Right now, this looks to be about $350 per person.  Our goal is to find the least expensive way to travel to Miami.  We are keeping options open to depart from IAD, DCA or even BWI so that costs are contained somewhat.   Note there may be options to fly out of one airport and return to another; all with the goal of getting the cheapest fare. 


The room and board costs will be determined by the final number of participants in the camp.  The cost of the housing will be based on the number of swimmers attending, but we will pick housing to minimize costs. 


Other costs will be determined; there may be some activities that will require some extra money to be brought with your swimmer. 

            Florida Keys Day          $100

            Beach Day                   $25

            Other incidentals          $50


To assist with the cost of attending this trip, OCCS will spread out the payments throughout the next few months on your Team Unify Account.  This will offer some flexibility and hopefully prevent any financial limitations from excluding any swimmer. 


To Register:

  1. Please register online (same way as signing up for a swim meet).  Deadline to register is January, 31, 11:59pm. 
  2. After committing, an initial charge of $250 will be assessed to your OCCS Team Unify account in early March (auto pay will process April 1).  The remainder of the trip will be billed starting in April (auto pay will process May 1) unless you request a payment option to Pam Young (
  3. Airline tickets will be purchased for the group that is committed plus the needed coaches/chaperones.  Generally, the earlier you commit the cheaper the airfare will be.  All groups will be booked on the same flight unless the flight does not have any more seats. 
  4. Once the final cost is determined, the schedule of charges to be placed on your Team Unify account will be sent (around the end of March).  The monthly ‘installments’ will be spread through the remainder of the season May-July (the final installment being charged July 1).