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DST's Orange & Black II Time Trial

February 21, 2018
February 19, 2018
February 21, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


The second of our in house Time Trial Meets, this one is open to all levels of our Team:
  • I Can Swim/D group/C group swimmers are welcome to participate
  • B group/A group swimmers are encouraged to help the next generation; just as they'd received in years past

This is a FREE EVENT for all of our members and it is an UNSANCTIONED competition, meaning this will not affect your Swimmer's SwimBC Insurance category.  Questions?  Please contact your swimmer's regular coach - not sure who that is?  Please contact and you'll be passed along to the appropriate individual.

MEET PACKAGE <-- for the specifics of the day

PSYCHE SHEETS <-- shows who is entered into each event and how the swimmers are ranked going into the Meet.  Gives them an idea of the competition and meant to 'psyche' them up!

SESSION REPORT <-- approximate timelines for the competition.  This is not a schedule for when events will start but more for reference on approximate timeframe for the day.

MEET PROGRAM aka HEAT SHEET <-- the order of the day

LIVE RESULTS <-- a usual feature is for the results to be listed shortly after completion

RESULTS <-- full competition results of the day.  Please note that this time trial was unsanctioned ie unofficial so these times cannot be used against time standards.  

Swim Meet Etiquette

  • The Parent's role is to be the Team's biggest cheerleader.  It is the Coach's role to Coach.
  • please have your swimmer at the facility 20min prior to the listed WarmUp time
  • swimmers are to wear their team shirt on deck and their team cap when racing
    New swimmers: if you've not received yours, please be sure to let your Coach know!
  • there is usually designated seating for family & friends which is separate from the swimmers. 
    In some facilities it is commonplace for the swimmers, coaches, and officials be the only ones allowed on deck.
  • swimmers sit with the Team for the duration but they are more than welcome to visit with family and friends throughout the day
  • swimmers are expected to 'check in' with their Coach BEFORE and AFTER their specific race. 
    This time is for each to go over their goals for each race and then to discuss next steps. 
  • swimmers are expected to inform the Coach when they are completed for the day and wish to leave.  
    Sometimes there are relays, swim-offs, team support, etc that the Coach needs the swimmer to stay for.  It is always best to plan to stay until the end of the session and if you get to leave earlier than that, bonus!
  • Our goal is to assist the swimmer in enjoying their experience and hopefully learn something new about themselves and/or about the sport.  Please help us in this endeavor by being your Swimmer's biggest supporter and allowing the Coach to coach.
  • For more information, you can read up on our Sport in the DST Parent Handbook - in the process of being updated.