DUNELAND Rockin' Races

May 19, 2018 (02:00 AM)
May 14, 2018


SC Yards meet @ Chesterton HS (one day meet)

Bronze, Silver, Gold

**There will be a $5 admission charge for the DUNE Rockin' Races (per meet director)


All MSC entries, as well as the timeline (for planning, etc) is page of the page.  Swimmers need to be ON DECK at the following times for this Saturday's meet:

SAT AM (8 & Under / 9-10 swimmers) - no later than 8:20am.  Warmups for MSC will begin at 8:40am and the session will begin at 9:30am

SAT PM (11 & Over / open age groups) - on deck no later than 1:30pm for 1:40pm warmups.  The session will START at 2:30pm.

MSC swimmers will need to weare a BLACK "M" cap this SATURDAY and Coach Nikki will have these on deck if you need one.  Your account will be charged $10.