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Woodlands Invitational Meet

Jul 21, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018
July 21, 2018
July 18, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


The 55th annual Woodlands Invitational will be held on July 21 and 22 at the Woodlands Cabana Club.


The coaching staff will be selecting the participants for this invitational meet. By committing to this meet, you are declaring that your swimmer is available to attend if selected. We CANNOT make changes to swimmers after we submit entries, so please make sure your swimmer will be available if you commit. This is a two day meet with trials and finals, so the days are longer than a normal meet.


Each team is allowed to enter three individuals per event. Each swimmer can be entered into two individual events and two relays. Each team can enter one relay team per event. The coaches will be choosing participants for this meet.


Location: Woodlands Cabana Club 111 Longleaf Drive, Walnut Creek


Warm-ups: Our warm-up time is extremely short. Swimmers must be on the pool deck, ready to swim, ten minutes before the scheduled warm-up time. Warm-ups will be in Lanes 1-4 of both pools.




Order of events is attached.


Team Areas: Your team area will be identified on a map to be posted at the pool entrance the morning of the meet. There will also be signs posted with team names. As most of you are aware, we become close “neighbors” over the weekend, so please be sure that you do not encroach upon another team’s area without permission and avoid moving someone else’s property. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain where your area begins and ends, so rather than creating bad feelings, please contact one of the directors to help sort out any misunderstandings.


Team Advertisement/Cheer: Last year several teams submitted “Good Luck” to swimmers or “Thank You” to coaches in the Invitational Program. We are pleased to offer REDUCED RATE advertising for your team families. The prices are 50% off published rates (see rates on the entry fee page). The deadline for advertising in the Invitational program is Monday, July 2nd, but please send it earlier if it is available. You can pay for advertisements with your entry fees. If you have any questions please contact Carol Samandar at


Parking: We all know how crazy the parking can be at Invitational. As in years past, we will have set up a loading and unloading zone in front of the pool. To help with traffic flow, we ask that drivers enter via Conifer Lane and exit Dogwood Lane for drop off. There will be no RV parking in front of the pool; this is to insure the comfort and safety of the teams sitting immediately outside the club. Please ask all your members to drive slowly on these streets, we have seen extremely close calls and we do not want to see anyone hurt. Please no parking in the Citrus Walk condominium development next to the club.

Fees: Entry fees will be billed to your Crow Canyon account. Fees are $7.00 per individual entry and a $5.00 splash fee per swimmer.