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Swim a Thon Leader Board!

April 21, 2018
April 21, 2018


Swim a Thon is coming on April 21st - Make sure you don't miss out -

Sign Up NOW to attend and to recoup your SAT levy.


The below chart shows the comparison of SAT levy raised by each group till date.

These are the Top 10 leaders as of April 20, 2018.


Rankings #

Total Raised

First name

Last name

#1 $1025 Kailey Banks
#2 $900 Jovan Dhanju
#3 $775 Aisha Hakim
#4 $700 Lila Zubel
#5 $635 Brooke Gillis
#6 $630 Yaamin Mahmud
#7 $590 Claudia Aiello
#8 $580 Noor Bansal
#9 $575 Danika Brown
#10 $560 Eva Naranjo

Its not too late to sign up...!!!

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Congrats to High Performance Group!!!

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Sign up today and email or facebook your friends and see your name on the leader board next week !

How to register your swimmer so you can start fundraising

1. Please go to our club link at to register your swimmer and start spreading the word to family, friends, business colleagues, social contacts and those that support the sport of swimming in our community, province and Canada.

  2. Parents, please be the ones to register your swimmer online. It’s important that you understand and acknowledge the family affidavit.

3. Swimmers will be asked to enter a profile and a fundraising goal. They may upload a profile picture and a goal statement if they wish.

4. Swimmers complete their swim. 

5. The club link will remain active even after the swim-a-thon is complete, until May 8th, 2017. You can continue to raise funds until midnight on that day

For more information about Swim-A-Thon