TYS/GTSA/LAS Tri-Meet @ New Tampa Y

May 12, 2018 - May 13, 2018
May 2, 2018
May 9, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


TYS LCM hosted meet @ New Tampa Y. We need volunteers!

Saturday, May 12th - Green Shirt
Warm-ups: Senior/Gold 11:15AM, Silver 11:45AM, Bronze 12:15PM
*Note, some athletes who are not in the first few events will have an extended break between warm-up and their first swim.  Please note the timeline posted below.
Sunday, May 13th - Grey Shirt
Warm-ups: Senior/Gold 6:45AM, Silver/Bronze 7:15AM
*Please note: Sunday is Mother's Day!  To show our appreciation for attending our meet, we invite all Mothers to visit concessions for free coffee and a donut!
*Warm-up times listed are when warm-ups begin.  Please arrive early in advance of the listed time.
*All events, including 50's will start from the Deep end closest to Compton Drive.
*Parking on Sunday will be limited to the far two rows of the lot.  When you arrive, turn to the right and park near the trees across from the building.
*Any parents who have tents, please bring them!  Athletes should bring chairs also.
*If you are signed up to volunteer, please note what time you are needed to arrive.  Typically, well before your child's assigned warm-up time.
*Heats will run quickly on Saturday.  Fly-over starts will be used (swimmers in next heat will be called to the block before the previous heat finishes.)  Please be on time and aware of the flow of the meet.
*All events have been combined boys/girls in order to keep the meet timeline in check.  Be aware that event numbers in the heat sheet and on the board may look different than the entries on our website.
*Heat sheets are available for download and print below.  No heat sheets will be sold at the meet. We will post a copy of the heat sheet on the fence for use as well.
*There is NO PRACTICE on Monday, May 14th!