NC Open Water Championships

June 1, 2018 - June 2, 2018
May 18, 2018



North Carolina Open Water State Championships

June 1-2, 2018

Host:                                      Sandhills Sandsharks Swim Team

Sponsored:                          NC Swimming and Sandhills Sandsharks

Sanctioned By:   Held under the Sanction of USA Swimming, Inc.,

USA Swimming Sanction: issued by North Carolina Swimming, Inc.

Sanction #NCOW


Location:                              Seven Lakes NC (Directions:



  • All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming Inc.
  • Current non-USA Swimming participants (including buddies) must complete USA Swimming Single Event Registration ($20) and entry information through the Sandshark Website .
  • Buddy swimmers:
    • Must be registered with USA Swimming using Single Event Registration by May 24 (on website.  They will be included in meet recon.
    • Must register for their race—but will not be charged for the race.


Awards:      Poseidon swimmers who complete all 3 races will receive awards; Top 8 in each Age Group race will receive medals; top 3 in each Non-Club race will receive medals.

Scoring:                                This meet will not be scored due to Zones (tentative).

Entry Format:                      Hy-Tek Team Manager.  Swimmers may upload Hy-tek off Hy-Tek web site.

                                                We strongly encourage submissions via Hy-Tek team manager.


Entry Times for Seedings in WAVES: It is important that all swimmers submit entry times that are verifiable and provable in SWIMS.  

  • Top 10 swimmers, as determined in SWIMS, will be sent off in the first wave for the 5K; second wave will be remaining swimmers (see below for order of preference).
  • First waves of top 10 age group swimmers may be implemented for 3K (13/14) and 2K(11/12) at Meet Director’s discretion;  2nd wave will be remaining age group swimmers with the exception of the Poseidon swimmers; 3rd wave will be all open/out of age group swimmers.
  • Poseidon swimmers will go with first wave of 2K and 3K. There will be 2 minutes between waves.   Acceptable times include the following:
  • 1500 meter for 5000 kilometer
  • 1650 yard for 5000 kilometer
  • 1500 meter for 3000 kilometer
  • 800 meter for 2000 kilometer
  • 500 meter for 2000 kilometer


Deadline and Fees:           The registration deadline on the WAVE web site is Saturday May 18.

                                             Entry fees are $55 for the weekend.  


Buddies for the 400/800--All buddies not currently registered with USA Swimming will need

to apply for single event USA Swimming membership ($20). 


Check-in:                              All swimmers must be checked-in before the pre-race meeting.  Check-in will

                                                begin once the preceding race has started.   GPS race chips, and race

                                                numbers will be issued to swimmers at check-in.  Should the GPS system not be

                                                available, race numbers, written on swimmers’ left arms, will be primary means of

                                                determining race finish order. A $40 charge will be incurred for failure to return the          GPS chip.


Pre-Race                              Officials briefings will be held 45 minutes prior to each race for the meet director to

Meeting:                                review the course diagram with all the swimmers in that race.  All swimmers

                                                should attend.  Note:  Athletes straying from the course will only be

                                                corrected when safety is an issue.


Race                                      30 minutes prior to each race, the announcer will count-down the start of the

Countdown:                         race in 5-minute intervals.  20 minutes before each race, a GPS check in will be

                                                conducted to ensure that all swimmers are recorded entering the water, in

                                                accordance with USA Open Water Swimming Safety guidelines.  Any swimmer

                                                missing this check in will be disqualified.  1-minute intervals will be announced for the

                                                last 5 minutes until the start of the race.


Start:                                     The start will begin in the water. All races are counter-clockwise. All events of equal

                                                distance will be swum at the same time.   The Wounded Warrior mile is open solely to

                                                ages 18 & over and is not available for club swimmers.  Registration for the mile is only

                                                available at 


Swimmers must enter the water by walking over the pads to register their chips during the GPS check in 20 minutes prior to race time.Exception: we may have a new timing structure which would require check in by tapping the structure.


Finish:                                    There will be either:

  • 1 shoot with 3 pads under the Finish Tent.  The GPS chips will determine the

       official order of finish. Swimmers’ competition numbers will be “punched” as back up.

  • Or there will an in-water finish line.  Swimmers would have chips on their wrists and will tap the top to register their time.


Protests:                              Must be filed in writing on the designated form with the Clerk of Course within 45 minutes

                                                from the time unofficial results are posted.

Escorts:                                Paddlers and escort boats will be spaced throughout the course under the supervision of

                                                the race committee to provide help to swimmers as needed. If a swimmer touches any

                                                escort craft, he/she must withdraw from the race.

Race Committee:               Will consist of the Meet Referee, Site Director, and three coaches appointed by the Meet


Safety:                                   Safety will be of paramount consideration during this OWS competition. Safety provisions

                                                contained in the USA Swimming Open Water Meet Directors Guidelines will be strictly

                                                followed. All applicable USAS and USMS rules, regulations and safety requirements will

 be enforced for the well-being of the swimmers. USA Swimming, Inc., North

Carolina Swimming, Inc., and Sandhills Sandsharks, Inc., shall be held free

and harmless from any and all liabilities or claims for damages arising by

reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of this event.


Average water temperatures for June are 78-80 degrees F; air temperature is 80-90 degrees F.  Safety boats will be provided in accordance with the NC Open Water Championships Safety Plan (see


Safe Sport:                           Use of audio visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.


Changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is prohibited.


Disabilities:                          Sandhills Sandsharks welcomes all swimmers with disabilities as described in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, Article 105, to participate in our meets.  Coaches entering swimmers with disabilities that require any accommodations are required to provide advance notice in writing to the Meet Director by the entry deadline accompanying their meet entry file, including the need for any personal assistants required and/or registered service animals.  Failure to provide advance notice may limit Sandhills Sandshark’s ability to accommodate all requests.



Friday Events

“Splash &  Dash” and “Newbie” 400 Meter race( Newbie race is for swimmers new to open water for whom the 800 may be too long— it’s just for fun!

Race will be 400 yards straight down the length of the dam.  Start will begin in waves.  The amount of time in-between each wave will be determined on the day of the race.   The race will end ½ hour (30 minutes) after the start.  All swimmers who have not completed the course will be asked to retire.  Positive check-in will begin at 4:30 pm. There will be a pre-race meeting at 5:00 pm.  Event will begin at 5:30 pm.


Saturday Events

Non-club 1 Miler

The race will start in the water. Swimmers will start in the water and will complete 1.5 circuits of a triangular well marked 1K course.  The course depth will be approximately 10-30 feet.  The water temperature is expected to be 78-80 degree F.  Event will begin at 8:00 am.


Senior 5K:

This race will be 5 loops around a 1K loop of the designated course. The race will end 2 hours (120 minutes) after the start.  All swimmers who have not completed the course will be asked to retire.  Positive check-in will begin at 8:05 am. There will be a pre-race meeting at 8:55 am.  Event will begin at 9:15 am.


13 & 14/ Open 3K:

This race will be 3 loops around a 1K loop of the designated course.  The race will end in 90 minutes.  All swimmers who have not completed the course will be asked to retire. Positive check-in will begin at 9:20 am. There will be a pre-race meeting at 11:10 am.  Event will begin at 11:30 am.


11 & 12/Open 2K:

This race will be 2 loops around a 1K loop of the designated course.  The race will end in 60 minutes.  All swimmers who have not completed the course will be asked to retire.  Positive check-in will begin at 11:35 am. Pre-race meeting will begin at 12:40 am.  Event will begin at 1:00 pm.


10 & under/Open 800 meter:

This race will be 1 loop around the designated course marked by a lane line. The race will end in

 80 minutes. Positive check-in will begin at 1:05 pm. Pre-race meeting will begin at 1:40 pm. 

Event will begin at 2:00 pm.

10 & under may have an escort swimmer.  All escorted swimmers will be in the 3rd wave.  Escorted swimmers will be timed but not scored.


All races will be seeded as a single event, with first waves including top male and female swimmers. Places, awards, and published results for these events will be separated for each event, age group and gender.  Meet Director reserves the right to change seeding if a large number of entries warrant changes.


This year we again have 10,800M relay, and THE POSEIDON AWARD for all swimmers who swim 5K-3K-2K.


T-Shirts:  All coaches will be given vouchers for t-shirts, which swimmers can exchange for their t-shirts at the meet.


Directions:  Directions, hotel information, and other meet information may be obtained at