Qualifying Meet - Summer FLAGS @ Sarasota Y

Jul 12, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Jul 15, 2018 (03:00 AM)
June, 27 2018


Please note, warm-up times and lanes on Thursday and Sunday are assigned.  We will be sharing space with two other teams.  Please be on time (early) for all assigned warm-ups.  Friday and Saturday, our first swims are not until much later in the session. Warm-ups will begin as the meet is starting.  If you feel like you need to warm-up in the LCM pool during the assigned times, please discuss with your coach.

Prelim (morning) Warm-up/Start times:

Thursday- 6:45AM Dynamic (All), meet starts 9:00AM (Warm-up is 7-7:40AM in Lane 8 of LCM pool)

Friday- 8:30AM Dynamic (Jeffrey & Sean only), First swim @ 10:40AM (Warm-up in Short Course dive well)

Saturday- 8:15AM Dynamic (All), First swim @ 10:15AM (Warm-up in Short Course dive well)

Sunday- 7:20AM Dynamic (All), Meet starts @ 9:00AM (Warm-up is 7:40-8:20AM in Lane 8 of LCM pool)

Finals (evening) Warm-up times (Tentative):

Thursday, Friday, Saturday- 3:45PM Dynamic, Finals starts @ 5:00PM

Sunday- 4:00PM Dynamic, First swim @ 5:30PM (Finals start @ 4:30 with 1500Meter Free)


Shirts for the weekend: Thursday-Green, Friday-Grey, Saturday-White/Black, Sunday-Green

Heat Sheets: Heat sheets can be purchased at the meet ($20/weekend).  Be sure to get your heat sheet stamped which gets you a free heat sheet for the Finals session.  

Tents/Shade/Water: Tents will only be allowed in the water park area.  TYS will not be bringing a team tent.  If you would like to bring your own tent and set up in the water park, you are allowed.  Swimmers are encouraged to set up on deck in the bleachers under the blue shade structure.  Bottled water will not be available for coaches or for sale.  There are "Water Monster" areas available to refill your water bottles on deck.

Weather, etc: The weather is predicted to be HOT with a slight chance of rain/storms.  That being said, prepare for the worst!  Previous meets at this facility endured multiple pool closures, flooding in the picnic areas, and more. Bring extra towels, sunscreen, food, etc. in anticipation of weather delays.

Athlete education: This meet will be long (4 days), with many swims (up to 12 splashes) over the course of Prelims and Finals.  With weather being hot, and the competition being extended, it is important to take care of your bodies!  Proper warm-up, warm-down, and hydration are necessary to perform at the highest level.  Be aware of the timeline posted below, and how much time you have between races.  Take care of your body and your body will take care of you!  Be sure also to rest between sessions.  You should have at least 4 hours between Prelims and Finals to eat, sleep, and recover.

Location: Sarasota Y

Hotel Information

Payment Note: By signing up online for this meet, you agree to pay all related entry fees. You also acknowledge that entry fee charges are non-refundable regardless of illness, injury or any reason that may not allow you to participate in part of or all of this meet. Once the registration deadline has passed, swimmers will be charged for their entry fees.