Battle of the Ages

June 30, 2018 (09:00 AM) - July 1, 2018 (05:00 PM)
June 16, 2018
11-12 Boys,11-12 Girls,13-14 Boys,13-14 Girls,15-18 Boys,15-18 Girls,6 & Under Boys,6 & Under Girls,7-8 Boys,7-8 Girls,9-10 Boys,9-10 Girls,Coaches ([* ALL Locations *])


This is an Invitational Swim meet where entry fees will apply.  Look for registration forms under the "about us" tab under 'forms'.  Contact our invitational coordinator for additional information.  

*NOTE* This meet is run by event by age group, starting with the older swimmers, working down to the younger age groups.  It is not a split session meet.