MAKO Spring Invitational

March 24, 2018 - March 25, 2018
March 5, 2018
Angie's Kids,Barry - AGAD M/W,Barry - AGAD Tu/Th,Barry - AGSD M/W,Barry - AGSD Tu/Th,Barry - Senior,Barry - Senior Prep,Becky - AGAD,Becky - Mighty Marlins,Bill,Blake - JCC AGAD - T/TH,Blake - JCC Silver - T/TH,Chris - AG Aerobic,Chris - AG Select,Chris - Senior Prep,Erika - AG Silver,Erika - Senior Prep Silver,Geordie - Senior Silver,Jess' Silver/Conditioning,Johan - JCC AGAD - M/W,Johan - JCC Silver - M/W,John - Chinquapin Morning,John - Kid's Choice AGAD,John - Kid's Choice AGSD,John - Kid's Choice Mighty Marlins,John - Kid's Choice Senior Prep,Steve - AGS,Steve - Prep Gold,Will - CR AGSD - M/W,Will - CR AGSD - T/TH,Zia - Lee District - AGAD M/W,Zia - Lee District - AGAD Tu/Th,Zia - Lee District - AGSD M/W,Zia - Lee District - AGSD Tu/Th ([* ALL Locations *])


Location:  GMU-Fairfax

**This meet is only open to the groups listed.  Coaches will let you know if your group will be attending.**

Timers - Please sign up here:!/showSignUp/30e0d4aada62ba20-20181



  • 11-12 Timed Finals Warm-up: 7:00 to 7:30 AM, Events:  7:35 AM
  • 10 & Under Timed Finals Warm-up: 11:00 AM to 11:25 AM, Events: 11:30 AM
  • 13 & Over Timed Finals
    • Saturday - Warm Up:  2:10PM, Events:  3:15PM
    • Sunday - Warm Up:  1:35PM, Events:  2:40PM

Notes from Meet Manager

George Mason University Meet Reminders
No parents will be allowed through the swimmers entrance, in the locker rooms, or on to the pool deck.
If parents/guardians have concerns about their children entering the facility on their own, the coaching staff for the child’s team needs to be responsible for shuttling their young athletes from the entrance to the pool area.
 If a parent/guardian wants to dress their child at the facility then the child and parent/guardian must enter the front doors of the AFC and change their child in the upstairs rest rooms.
Parents/guardians must still access the facility through the front doors. If a parent is concerned about their child changing without them we encourage them to have their child already dressed upon arrival.  As parents/guardians will not be allowed on the deck we want to encourage families to set up meeting places and times to reunite after the events or meet ends to assist in avoiding any lost child scares
No chairs on deck.  As a reminder, there is NO FOOD ALLOWED ON THE POOL DECK at the GMU Aquatics and Fitness Center. Swimmers may either eat in the concession room upstairs next to the lobby, or downstairs in a designated room, which is located next to the stairwell on the first floor.  There will be signs posted on the wall to direct swimmers. Coaches and Officials will also need to abide by this policy, and will use the hospitality room to eat all snacks/meals.