USMS Spring Nationals

May 10, 2018 - May 13, 2018
April 9, 2018


Online registration for SCY Nationals in Indianapolis May 10-13 is officially open!  You can find all of the meet info including order of events, qualifying times and the registration link here.  

IU Natatorium on IUPUI Campus

901 West New York Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202


So far we have a fun group planning to swim, but we will need as many people as possible to keep our reputation as the most spirited team in tact!!  If you are on the fence, or are intimidated by the thought of a National Championship and qualifying times, don't be be!  Because USMS is an inclusive organization designed to promote fitness, health and enjoyment of swimmers of all levels and abilities,  swimmers can swim in up to 3 events without meeting the qualifying time.  Anyone who has attended a meet with WH2O can vouch that we are as serious about having fun and supporting our teammates as we are about our swimming fast!


With over 2 months until Nationals, now would be a great time time to ramp up our training and set up a check in with Coach Shea to discuss event selection, goal setting, training strategy and any other issues, or just to look at cute pics of his new pup.  



Registration is open Midnight APRIL 9.  The entry rate increases from $55-$65 March 19, 2018.


Once you have registered, please send me an email with the following info:

    •    Days you will be swimming

    •    Relays you are interested in swimming

    •    Accommodations 

    •    Email address and Phone # for national team specific communication. 



We have a block of rooms reserved at the HILTON INDIANAPOLIS HOTEL & SUITES, at a discounted rate of $148/ night. The hotel is located about 1 mile from the IU Natatorium. 


We have about 5 rooms left of our block, which will be held until MARCH 1.  After March 1, any rooms left will be released to the general public and our discounted rate will no longer be applicable.  If you would like to reserve a room, please email me and I will let you know how to transfer a room to your name. Hotel rooms are pretty scarce over this weekend, so if you are on the fence about swimming, I would recommend booking a room now.  It can be cancelled if you decide not to register. 


If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me an email.

See you in the pool!






Thursday, May 10, 2018
1. Women 1000 freestyle 2. Men 1000 freestyle
3. Women 1650 freestyle 4. Men 1650 freestyle
Friday, May 11, 2018
5. Women 400 individual medley 6. Men 400 individual medley
7. Women 200 freestyle 8. Men 200 freestyle
9. Women 100 backstroke 10. Men 100 backstroke
11. Women 50 breaststroke 12. Men 50 breaststroke
13. Women 100 butterfly 14. Men 100 butterfly
15. Mixed 200 freestyle relay 16. Mixed 200 medley relay
Saturday, May 12, 2018
17. Women 500 freestyle  
19. Women 200 breaststroke 20. Men 200 breaststroke
21. Women 100 freestyle 22. Men 100 freestyle
23. Women 50 backstroke 24. Men 50 backstroke
25. Women 200 butterfly 26. Men 200 butterfly
27. Women 100 individual medley 28. Men 100 individual medley
29. Women 200 medley relay 30. Men 200 medley relay
Sunday, May 13, 2018
  32. Men 500 freestyle
33. Women 100 breaststroke 34. Men 100 breaststroke
35. Women 50 butterfly 36. Men 50 butterfly
37. Women 200 freestyle relay 38. Men 200 freestyle relay
39. Women 200 individual medley 40. Men 200 individual medley
41. Women 50 freestyle 42. Men 50 freestyle
43. Women 200 backstroke 44. Men 200 backstroke



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