Prospects West Camp

May 1, 2018 - May 6, 2018
March 23, 2018


 2018 Prospects West Camp (Alberta / BC / Manitoba / Saskatchewan)

May 1st to 5th, 2018 – (Or May 1st to 6th if staying for LASER competition)

Team Size: 8 Athletes – Swim Sask will reserve 2 spots for females and 2 for males. The remaining four spots will be selected based on performance. Depending on athlete selection depth, Swim Saskatchewan may send less than 8 athletes. 

  • Females born 2003 or younger • Males born 2002 or younger  
  • Athletes have to “Declare themselves available”, by signing up via an online survey within the attached document. By declaring availability, one is saying that they will attend the camp if selected.
  • Friday, March 23rd , 2018 deadline for submissions.
  • As well as having the Provincial Coaches in attendance, the National Development Coach, Ken McKinnon, is planning on attending the camp to work with the athletes and coaches.
  • The Swim Sask On Track Points calculator has been updated to include the most recent On Track times in the new Olympic distance events. Athletes must average at least 775 points (LC only) to be selected for the team (which the calculator will do for you). Please keep in mind that the athletes age will be determined as of April 30th, 2018.