2018 Western Zone Diversity & Inclusion Swim Camp and Summit

June 14, 2018 - June 17, 2018
March 20, 2018


Arizona Swimming has provided SAC with the following information for the 2018 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Swim Camp and Summit:
2018 Western Zone Diversity & Inclusion Swim Camp and Summit
About the USA Swimming 2018 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp
The Western Zone will host our 3rd Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp. The Zone Diversity Select Camps are viewed as an integral step for athletes to move from the local and zone level onto the national scene. Athletes will participate in a three-day camp program, which includes pool training, motivational, education sessions and team-building activities.
About the USA Swimming 2018 Western Zone Summit
The summit is for your LSC D&I chair and a coach that wants to make a difference in their sport. The summit is presented by USA Swimming staff members. Summit participants will have the opportunity to engage in various discussions and activities that they can then utilize to help promote D&I in your LSC and in the sport of swimming.
Purpose: Celebrate the opportunities of/for diversity in Western Zone Swimming through inspiration of athletes, coaches, and volunteers. Create local ambassadors and leaders to grow our sport.
Goals: Empower athletes and their coaches to:
 • Demonstrate the viability of multicultural success in swimming within their local LSC
• Achieve performance excellence throughout the sport
 • Develop positive leaders and role models
• Connect, network, and promote the virtues of the sport of swimming through a comprehensive strategy involving the athletes, coaches, and the LSC Diversity Chairs in their own local LSCs and throughout the Western Zone.
Location:  San Diego State University
Invitees:  2 athletes ages 14-16 from each of the 17 LSCs in the Western Zone, 1 Diversity Chair and 1 coach from each LSC that will be the travel chaperones and attend the Summit.
Athletes, Diversity Chairs, and coaches will arrive Thursday, June 14 early to late afternoon and depart Sunday, June 17 morning.
Cost: For each athlete and summit participant the cost is $250 PLUS transportation.
Applications must be sent directly to Arizona Swimming at the address below and received by March 12, 2018 to be considered.
Sent by Carla Morelli on behalf of:
Mozette Humphreys
Diversity Chair
1212 E Osborn Rd  Suite 101
Phoenix  AZ  85014
Phone:  602-264-2443
Fax:  602-266-9223
In addition to the above information, this follow-up information was also provided:
Answers to your questions regarding Select Diversity Camp:
Athletes:  It is recommended that applicants have at least one AA time according to the Western Zone web site.
Coach: Will  be selected from applications by the Diversity Chair in coordination with the General Chair. 
The deadline is March 20 for the LSC to submit to the Western Zone two applicants.  Each LSC is guaranteed two spots.   We also can submit up to four additional alternative applications in case there are additional spots available. 
For each athlete/summit participant the cost is $250 PLUS transportation.
Applications must be sent to Arizona Swimming at the address below no later than March 12th for consideration.
Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please let me know and I will do my best to find out the answers.