2018 PCC Spring and Senior Awards Banquet

April 28, 2018 (06:00 PM) - April 28, 2018 (10:00 PM)
April 13, 2018


@Fox Hills Country Club in Plymouth, Michigan

6:00-10:00 pm

Join us for a PCC celebration. Dress for the occasion. We will recognize our graduating class of 2018 and recognize our athletes to celebrate a great season. 
Approximate TIMELINE for IMX/IMR AWARDS (in small groups, not in front of the whole crowd):
Be there for your group's time - if you miss your time you can pick your child's IMX certificate up at the check in table.
6:05pm - Junior Green/Junior Blue
6:20pm - AG Blue/AG Silver/AG National
6:40pm - Junior Silver
6:55pm - High School Swimmers (Varisty/National Prep)
Other athlete awards and recognition will occur after dinner.

*Dinner service will begin around 6:30 so this will allow families to spend less time in line for food and less time sitting after dinner for this set of awards.  We put the younger kids earlier for IMX/IMR to allow them to eat first - if you have an older child and don't want to leave your plate to watch IMX/IMR awards, please wait to sit down with your meal.  We will try to get through the awards in a timely fashion without making people starve. Meal will be buffet style as it has been in prior years. 

Cost will be $25.00 per person, including a full buffet style dinner, ice cream sundae bar and gift for each attending athlete.
You can register your whole family under one athlete member, but please make sure to add extra attendees (mom, dad, siblings) in the "Notes" area or you will not have a seat! 
Coaches will present awards to PCC athletes and introduce the graduating class of 2018. Award presentations will include our team IMX awards, most improved athletes in the past year, record breakers and more!
After presentations are concluded the dance floor will be opened until 10pm. 
Please send your pictures of your swimmer and their swim friends to Cruiser parent Karin Stombaugh at The deadline for sending pictures is April 13, 2018.