6th Annual SMAC Olympics 2018

Jun 9, 2018 (02:30 PM) - Jun 9, 2018 (04:30 PM)
June, 9 2018
June 6, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)
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Saturday afternoon,   June 9th    2:30- 4:30pm

Rainier Beach HS Track & Field 

All CAAT swimmers are invited!

 Get ready for some fierce competition between the teams, led by our illustrious Senior Swimmers!  Who will win the balloon toss?!  Can a 6 year old out toss a highschool senior?!!  Which team will best negotiate the tricky instructions for each relay race?!   Will Coach Ken ride his truck tire chariot once again?!!   And which colorful team will win GOLD?!  SILVER?!  or BRONZE?!    Come and find out -- better yet -- Participate!! 

Volunteer Job Sign-ups are now open.   Bring food, or a pop-up tent or banquet table,  make water balloons just to name a few options.  

Questions?  Contact Jan at